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CMA 5000 UTA 10 GigE


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10 Gig Ethernet tests made virtually automatic with the CMA 5000-UTA module

The 10GigE application of the Universal Transport Analysis (UTA) module provides a powerful set of test functions for all the technicians and engineers tasked with the installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of  today’s 10GigE networks. All they need for testing 10GigE LAN-PHY and WAN-PHY networks is available in one single module including: traffic monitoring and generation, performances analysis according to RFC2544, continuity check (PING), loop back tests in switched networks and more. In particular, RFC 2544 tests are completely automated and provide simple acquisition of Throughput, Frame Loss, Latency and Burstability. But the UTA 10GigE application also authorizes a complete user control of the line load, frame size, frame rate and frame contents for customized tests. In addition, the unsurpassed ease-of-use of the application helps the engineers to be quickly operational. In the configuration phase, the user is guided step-by-step and when the measurement is running, thresholds may be set for all parameters to provide a quick, unmistakable and visual indication of pass/fail test status.

The Universal Transport Analysis -UTA- module represents a new generation of tester with this ability to support almost all the existing transport standards: Ethernet, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel ... With its small size, the UTA module fits in the CMA5000 platform and provides a very portable solution for field engineer.

The UTA module also supports hot pluggable XFP and SFP transceivers. This feature brings a lot of configurability to the module. Whatever the network or equipment to test, the field engineer has the insurance to be able to equip his UTA module with the right optical/electrical interface.

Easily upgradable
Most of the UTA applications can be installed just by software. Thanks to its open architecture, the module can be quickly upgraded on site. All the software applications are based on the same graphical user interface. The users will greatly benefit from this feature as it significantly reduces the time of training with a new application.

Key Features

  • Support of LAN-PHY and WAN-PHY (option)
  • Pluggable XFP (10GBASE-SR, -LR, -ER, -SW, -LW, -EW)
  • Supports generation & analysis of Ethernet traffic at 100% line load
  • Automated RFC 2544 tests:
    • Throughput
    • Frame Loss
    • Latency
    • Burst ability
  • Channel Statistics function (option)
    • Record traffic (one shoot or continuously)
    • Filter traffic for statistical analysis: per MAC addresses, IP addresses, Protocols
    • Hexadecimal representation of each frame captured
  • End-to-end tests in switched networks via Reflector mode (automatic swap of MAC/IP addresses)
  • User-programmable thresholds for visual pass/fail indicators
  • Automatic test report in PDF format
  • BERT test (option)
  • Sequence test (option)

 Key Applications

  • Installation, commissioning and troubleshooting tests

  • Measure network limitations during installation /commissioning

  • Verify Service Level Agreement (SLA) criteria as per RFC 2544

  • Check network bandwidth utilization

  • Test indifferently 10GigE LAN-PHY or WAN-PHY networks