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Virtual Network Environment (VNE)

Industry’s First—and Only—HetNet Environment Emulation Capability


Interference is inherent to any HetNet deployment. LTE­‐A uses a variety of advanced and complex mechanisms (e.g., ICIC, advanced receivers) to operate and excel in an interference­‐dominated environment. HetNet fundamentally changes how networks must be tested.

Field-only testing HetNet is impractical given the typical challenges. Yet, until now, no products existed that could re‐create true HetNet environments in the lab. We’ve changed all that with VNE!

VNE is the industry’s FIRST and ONLY solution for creating and controlling a complete HetNet radio environment in the lab


VNE—accessible through Azimuth’s revolutionary Director™ II test executive for the ACE RNX—unlocks repeatable, scalable HetNet testing that creates a (virtual) HetNet environment by defining interfering cells, creating a HetNet environment that uses those cells, and then running test scenarios developed specifically for that environment.

VNE can be used for:

  • Testing interference mitigation mechanisms (e.g., ICIC, eICIC, FeICIC, advanced receivers)
  • Using Azimuth’s Field-to-Lab to re-create real-world conditions and debug field issues
  • Interoperability, benchmarking, and performance testing of small cells
  • Testing system level algorithms and network capacity
  • Testing new builds before they are deployed in the field
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