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在FR1(~7.125 GHz)和FR2(毫米波)频段中对射频测量和协议测试提供一体化支持

具有5G基站的仿真功能,单个MT8000A测试平台可同时支持包含n41的FR1(~7.125 GHz)和FR2(毫米波)的5G频段。将其与OTA暗室相结合时,可使用由3GPP定义的呼叫连接,进行毫米频段RF测量和波束成形测试。


RF TRx Test and Protocol Test Environment Image
射频 TRx 测量和协议测试环境示例


Example of Millimeter-wave Band RF/Protocol Test in Combination with RF Chamber
与射频暗室相结合的毫米波频段射频 / 协议测试示例


Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A

Shield Box MA8161A
Shield Box MA8161A

With the Shield Box MA8161A, the MT8000A supports functional tests in FR2 (millimeter-wave) bands.


频段 n41 (2.5 GHz) n78-79 (3.5 G/4.5 GHz) n257 (28 GHz) n260 (39 GHz)
Note: 请咨询其他支持频段。


实现使用模块化架构的、且具备灵活性和可扩展性的领先设计。该设计不但能支持高速宽带通信的高阶MIMO(4x4MIMO)和载波聚合(8CA) 等技术 ,还能为包括URLLC(超可靠的低延迟通信)和mMTC(海量机器类通信)在内,新的5G测试要求提供灵活的前瞻性支持。


通过基于安立公司在市场的长期经验所提供的领先业界功能的LTE测试平台,提供一个全面的测试环境。可轻松配置模拟5G和LTE NSA(非独立)的链接环境,并充分利用客户的测试环境及测试情景等测量资产。

Image of 5G NR NSA Measurement System using Anritsu LTE Measurement Resources
5G NR NSA/SA 配置图像

Note: 其设计、说明和外观可能会有所更改,恕不另行通知。




MT8000A可以在各种NR / LTE分配条件下测量DSS中的吞吐量。

NR and LTE allocation
  • 在FR1(~7.125 GHz)和FR2(毫米波)频段中对射频测量和协议测试提供一体化支持
  • 与OTA测试暗室(Chamber)结合使用可支持毫米波段射频测量,以及波束成形测试
  • 使用模块化架构的具有灵活性的平台
  • 支持现有的LTE测试环境

Note: 其设计、说明和外观可能会有所更改,恕不另行通知。

Test solution for base stations  NEW

MT8000A Base Station Manufacturing Solution Features

The MT8000A is the ideal non-signaling RF test solution for manufacturing 5G base stations. Combination with the MX800045A and MX800046A software covers all the main Sub-6 GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) frequency bands.

Up to Four TRx Ports for Efficient Production-Line Testing

With up to four installed TRx ports, the MT8000A handles both simultaneous and parallel measurements with ease, cutting test times, raising productivity, and reducing costs.

Simultaneous Measurement

The MT8000A support simultaneous measurement with up to four TRX ports and can cut test times for multi-antenna port base stations.

Parallel Measurement

The MT8000A supports independent parallel measurement with four (max.) TRX ports and can centralize test equipment to reduce costs. Unlike conventional systems requiring a test instrument for each test system, one MT8000A can handle up to four test systems.

Supports Both Sub-6 GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) Band Measurements

Connecting the MT8000A and RF Converter (MA80003A) supports mmWave (FR2) measurements. The all-in-one MT8000A covers the main frequency ranges used by both the Sub-6 GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) bands.


Features of Base Station Test Suite for NR mmWave MX800045A/Base Station Test Suite for NR Sub-6 GHz MX800046A

The Base Station Test Suite for NR mmWave MX800045A/Base Station Test Suite for NR Sub-6 GHz MX800046Am are non-signaling RF test software for production-line testing of 5G NR base stations. MX800045A/MX800046A software analyze downlink signals and measure RF characteristics for the 5G NR Sub-6 GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) bands.

All-at-Once Signal Analysis and RF Characteristics Measurement

The MX800045A/MX800046A software can analyze frequency errors and EVM signals while measuring RF characteristics such as adjacent channel leakage power, OBE, etc. RF test times are shorter because there is no need to switch the signal analysis software and spectrum analyzer for each measurement item.

All-at-Once Multicarrier Analysis

The MX800045A/MX800046A software supports all-in-one multiple component carrier measurements. The characteristics of each single carrier can be measured quickly at the same time without needing to measure each single carrier separately.

Name/Model Sub-carrier Spacing Channel Bandwidth Maximum Number of Component Carriers
Base Station Test Suite for NR mmWave MX800045A 120 kHz 100 MHz 8
200 MHz 4
400 MHz 2
Base Station Test Suite for NR sub-6 GHz MX800046A 15 kHz 20 MHz 2
30 kHz 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 MHz
Brochure: Base Station measurement software MX800045A/46A >