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ShockLine™ 小型 USB VNA MS46122A

ShockLine™ 小型 USB VNA

此产品已停产 替换型号: MS46122B

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The MS46122A is a series of three PC-controlled Compact ShockLine Vector Network Analyzers with a frequency range from 1 MHz to 8/20/43.5 GHz. The series benefits from patented shockline VNA-on-chip technology, which simplifies the internal VNA architecture at high frequencies, reduces instrument cost, and enhances accuracy and measurement repeatability.

Demonstrating ShockLine E-band VNA Solution at IMS 2016

E-band VNA Solution
Demonstrating ShockLine E-band VNA solution and Diamond Engineering, during IMS 2016

ShockLine Performance MS46500B series Demo

ShockLine 高性能 MS46500B 系列新产品
安立公司很高兴地发布 MS46500B 系列 ShockLine 高性能矢量网络分析仪...

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