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Impact of Apache Log4j Vulnerability

December 27, 2021

Anritsu Corporation
Test and Measurement Company

The Apache Log4j open-source Java-based logging library from Apache Software Foundation has been found to have a serious vulnerability (named Log4Shell) and an alert has been issued for all users (CVE-2021-44228).

Anritsu’s Test and Measurement Company has examined its products for this vulnerability and has confirmed that none of our product is vulnerable.

The latest release of the following two products uses the countermeasure version of Log4j. In addition, we have confirmed that the older versions of these products also use a library that is not affected by this vulnerability. We plan to release future updates to new versions to assure continuing invulnerability.

- MX785220A Protocol conformance test toolkit core software
- MX783420A NR PCT package core

To assure continued safety of our products, more information about future updates will be published promptly on this website.

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