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Countermeasures for WannaCrypt Ransomware attacks

June 19, 2017

Anritsu Corporation
Measurement Business Group

In May this year, the WannaCrypt ransomware infected many computers worldwide running various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS).
As a preventive countermeasure, Microsoft immediately released security update for affected Windows versions, including some versions of the Windows OS that are no longer officially supported.

Previous Anritsu have described how to maintain the security of Anritsu products by using only secure network connections, but due to the high risk posed by this WannaCrypt ransomware, we recommend to apply the above-described relevant preventive Microsoft security update to our products (some of our products are excluded).

Refer to the appended documents for the security update procedure.

Applying the security update has no impact on the performance of Anritsu products.

For the countermeasures to malware other than the WannaCrypt, we continue to advise our customers to use only secure network connections with our products.

Please contact our service center about repair of any products that are already infected by WannaCrypt. In addition, Anritsu can also apply the security update to a customer’s products. If you require this update service, please contact our service center.

pdf List of documents for the security update procedure

*This note is advisory and is not a compulsory security update. Please use this note to assess whether to apply the security update according to the product usage situation.

For more details about the WannaCrypt ransomware, visit the following URL.

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