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發行日期: 2021/4/29

VNA and Spectrum Analysis

Demonstrating mmWave VNA and spectrum analysis including on wafer measurements at IMS2017 in Hawaii.

Anritsu is a leader in millimeter wave testing

In the past decade with technology improvements in semiconductors, components, cable, connectors and test equipment are now making it possible for millimeter wave frequencies to be used for low cost commercial / consumer electronics.

VectorStar VNAs offer a variety of models covering the 70 kHz to 20, 40, 70, 110, 125 and 145 GHz frequency ranges in either full broadband or banded systems. The VectorStar based ME7838A broadband systems are an excellent choice to do full frequency coverage for on-wafer measurement systems due to their unique, highly integrated, very small millimeter wave frequency extension modules.

This demonstration also describes how the new ultraportable spectrum analyzers can reduce significantly the millimeter wave measurement challenges and improve measurement performance and accuracy.

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