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發行日期: 2021/4/29

Adaptor Extraction Type-A and De-Embedding Methods

A means of generating s2p file by applying type-A adaptor extraction. The generated files can then be embedded or de-embedded. All calibration files must be full 2-port calibrations of the same calibration type and over the same exact frequency points.


  • Connect the 10 dB attenuator adaptor to port 1 and do the full 2-port calibration then save the setup
  • Connect the 10 dB attenuator to port 2, repeat the full 2-port calibration and save the setup
  • Select the Type-A adaptor extraction menu
  • Select "Browse" to select the appropriate calibration file(s)
  • Select "Perform Network Extraction" to perform the extraction
  • If the extraction is successful, follow the prompt to save the generated S2P files(s)
  • Go to de-embedding menu
  • Load s2p file, and click on add network
  • Click on Apply
  • Turn de-embed ON
  • The result is this 10dB attenuator is removed and the s12 shows 0 dB.
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