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Anritsu provides cutting-edge solutions for telecommunications technologies ranging from indoor coverage mapping in small wireless systems to spectrum analysis and over the air testing in large wireless networks. Our complete solutions are designed to meet your ever-changing market needs.

5G - 5G, 4G and 3G Testing with Anritsu

The appearance of fifth-generation (5G) communications systems is creating huge innovation right now. This 5G innovation covers not only diversified applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the automotive field, such as self-driving vehicles and the “connected car”, but is also spreading into application-backbone Cloud services.
Anritsu expects to play a key role in helping customers with innovative 5G developments based on the company’s long experience in wired and wireless technologies for 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE) systems.


Base Station Testing

The base station is at the core of your RF wireless installation. It’s where you make the connections for your cables, antennas, transmitters and receivers. And it’s where most problems can occur that can affect performance through component failures, wireless interference or incorrect installation or maintenance. The result can be unacceptable downtime for your networks, and time-consuming work to fix the problem by your field techs.


Bluetooth Wireless Technology

By eliminating wires and simplifying connections between everyday appliances, Bluetooth wireless technology influences our lives in many ways.

Anritsu provides leading-edge technology incorporated in test and measurement solutions for the optical, RF/microwave, wireless, and datacomm/telecomm industries as well as unique solutions in electronic and optical components.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Anritsu is under license.


5G 物聯網 (5G/IoT)

Anritsu 擁有廣泛的產品系列,涵蓋有線、無線以及 3G、4G 乃至於最新的 5G 架構,搭配長久豐富的測量技術經驗,針對 5G 物聯網 (5G/IoT) 市場推出高速、最佳化的高品質測試解決方案,有助於客戶降低開發成本、縮短上市時間。


Connecting the IoT World Testing with Anritsu

Anritsu's high-quality optimum test solutions for the rapidly growing IoT market (IoT devices and products) are based on its wide-ranging wired-to-wireless measurement technologies and its technologies aquired at the cutting edge of mobile and wireless. As a result, Anritsu helps its customers grow their IoT businesses using next-generation 5G communications.


Web Exhibition

At the Anritsu Web Exhibition, you can virtually experience the latest information of cutting-edge communication test solutions for 5G, IoT, Automotive, and high-speed optical communication. Please take a look.



Mobile traffic volumes are growing rapidly due to the spread of OTT video services (YouTube, Mobile IPTV, etc.). Consequently, so-called small-cell networks are being deployed to create a better communications environment by expanding available bandwidth per mobile terminal. In densely populated areas, the bandwidth per mobile terminal is inadequate and deployment of multiple small cells supports a better communications environment.



由於乙太網路具備簡單及低成本等特色,近來已成為主要的資料傳輸技術。乙太網路一開始是作為 LAN (區域網路) 技術,但現在也用於端對端通訊。目前已發展出乙太網路 OAM、VLAN、PBB-TE 及 MPLS-TP 等多項新型通訊協定,讓乙太網路由 LAN 技術變為電信業者級技術。


乙太網路 OAM (營運、管理及維護) 可簡化複雜乙太網路的營運、管理及維護,並可降低營運成本。乙太網路 OAM 支援鏈路故障管理、連線故障管理及效能監控,於 IEEE 802.3 (前身為 IEEE 802.3ah)、IEEE 802.1ag 及 ITU-T Y.1731 定義。


VLAN (虛擬區域網路) 於 IEEE 802.1Q 定義,可依據功能、專案團隊或應用,以組織為基準劃分 LAN。可堆疊 VLAN (Q-in-Q) 於 IEEE 802.1ad 定義,是指在 VLAN 之中傳遞的 VLAN,可讓服務供應商透過服務供應商 VLAN,透明地傳遞客戶 VLAN 流量。在某些情況下,服務供應商及/或客戶會使用一個以上的 VLAN 標籤。


PBB-TE (供應商骨幹橋接 - 流量規劃) 以 TDM 的議定連線導向功能,提供電信業者級的乙太網路,利用通常稱為 MAC-in-MAC 的 PBB (供應商骨幹橋接) 和 VLAN 技術辨識流量,實現功能目標。管理系統利用點對點連線路徑及 OAM 通訊協定,處理網路流量串流的路由作業。管理系統也會建立備用路由,以支援切換功能 (如有需要)。


MPLS-TP (多重協定標籤交換 - 流量剖析) 是 MPLS (多重協定標籤交換) 通訊協定套件的延伸,能夠以議定電信業者級服務提供 MPLS 網路。傳送剖析可封裝無連接流量,使其成為連線導向。MPLS-TP 建立 LSP (標籤交換路徑) 透過網路傳送流量,此外也利用OAM資料包含如APS (自動保護切換) 資訊。



光纖通道 (FC) 是資料通訊協定或傳送機制,可在兩個端點之間傳送資訊。光纖通道能在電腦 (主機) 和儲存裝置 (一般為磁碟或磁碟陣列) 之間,以安全、快速及有效的方式傳送資料;主機可為桌上型電腦、大型伺服器或大型主機等任何電腦。 FC 通訊協定封裝其他通訊協定 (主要為 SCSI – 小型電腦系統介面),讓主機能夠儲存資料至儲存裝置,或由儲存裝置擷取資料。



Public safety professionals need reliable communications to aid them in their lifesaving missions. Many tasks today require broadband services, i.e. when these first responders need to access data-intensive applications, search databases, or share pictures and videos. There is a clear need for rugged, easy-to-use devices designed to meet public safety requirements, as well as provide advanced features and services that enhance their ability to do their jobs.


Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Next-generation public safety communications will more than likely pair narrowband Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks for voice with broadband LTE networks for high speed data. Ensuring these networks are properly installed and maintained is critical to ensuring mission-critical public safety communication and keeping the public safe. The Anritsu S412E LMR Master is the only solution on the market today that provides a quick, easy, and cost-effective means of verifying the operation of both narrowband LMR and broadband LTE networks, and when necessary, diagnosing problems.



Anritsu 安立知提供一系列完整的 LTE 測試設備,協助您確認 LTE 設備和網路的效能與品質。MD8430A 訊令測試儀是首款完整的 LTE-Advanced 基地台模擬器。另外,MF6900A 衰減模擬器與 MD8430A 基地台模擬器搭配運用,能打造出可複製的衰減環境模擬,這對評估 LTE-Advanced 非常重要。訊號分析儀則是單機式平台,可分析訊號亦可產生訊號,能提供有關 LTE 上行鏈路與下行鏈路的完整分析。向量信號產生器能產生真實且可再現的 LTE 訊號,而 LTE IQproducer 軟體則有圖形化的使用介面,可讓使用者輕鬆產生與 LTE 相容的波形。


TDD/FDD 運作模式

LTE 標準同時支援相同標準下的分時多工 (Time Domain Duplex,TDD) 和分頻多工 (Frequency Domain Duplex,FDD) 兩種模式,其空中介面的特性亦相同。


Multiple Input Multiple Out (MIMO)

多重輸入與多重輸出技術 (Multiple Input Multiple Out,MIMO) 是一種天線配置技術,透過信號處理可以在無線電連接中增加容量 (空間多工),或提高信噪比 (傳輸分集)。


LTE 若使用 2x2 / 4x2 MIMO 配置搭配空間多工時,使用者資料會分成兩個資料集,分別傳送至 2 個或 4 個傳輸天線,並由 2 個接收天線接收。由於有多條路徑,每個資料集會以不同的傳播特性,循不同的 RF 路徑傳送。該演算法會將資料分解後再重新組合,並允許系統利用兩個獨立的路徑來改善傳輸量。兩個資料串流會同時佔用相同的 RF 頻道,如此空中介面連結的資料傳輸率即有可能提高為兩倍。


以傳輸分集方式使用 MIMO 技術時,相同的使用者資料從兩個天線傳送出去,然後在各個接收端進行信號複製,信號複製能改善信噪比並提高信號穩定性。



Microwave Components and Device Characterization

Developing next-generation components and devices incorporating high-speed LTE and 5G design schemes requires highly accurate test solutions that can measure complex signals fast and efficiently. Anritsu has the test answers for the most difficult design questions to ensure products operate in any application, from M2M modules for IoT systems and connected cars to high-bandwidth commercial wireless networks and defense systems.



光時域反射儀OTDR(Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)是用來評估光纖傳播耗損、測量光纖長度、檢測斷點、評估熔接處或機械性接合等連接處的接頭損耗或是評價反射量(反射衰減量、回波損耗)的測量儀。光時域反射儀也稱作光脈衝試驗器或探測儀,在鋪設光纖或是維護工程時使用。



OTN (光傳送網路) 是最新的傳送解決方案,最初定義是針對海底電纜及核心市場。藉由提供 GFEC (一般前向錯誤更正) 功能以進行長距離傳送 TDM 電路。最近這項標準已大幅強化,支援延伸進入非核心市場;目前許多業者都希望在其都會和存取網路運用 OTN 的各項好處。OTN 可提供故障管理、效能監控及保護機制,再加上入門成本低,以及可利用 SDH/SONET/PDH、Gigabit 乙太網路及光纖通道網路支援現有基礎設施,因此一般將其視為最佳傳送解決方案。


ITU-T 定義的 SDH (同步數位階層) 及 ANSI 定義的 SONET (同步光纖網路),可於高位元率進行光傳送,提供簡單的多工/解分工,直接將較低階層映射至較高階層,並與 PDH 相容,因為可在單一通用階層傳遞所有 PDH 類型。SDH/SONET 在整個網路與原子鐘同步,並可利用備援電路提供流量保護。


PDH (類同步數位階層) 為第一代數位傳輸系統,可傳遞語音及資料,是由類比移往數位傳輸的代表,並獲得廣泛部署,但目前已由其他技術取代。


Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

PIM is a growing issue for cellular network operators. PIM issues may occur as existing equipment ages, when co-locating new carriers, or when installing new equipment. PIM can create interference that will reduce a cell’s receive sensitivity or even block calls. This interference can affect both the cell that creates it, as well as other nearby receivers.


Remote Spectrum Monitoring

Interference detection and spectrum monitoring is used to characterize spectrum occupancy. Using a spectrum monitoring system facilitates the identification and removal of illegal or unlicensed interference signals. By monitoring spectrum on a continual basis, problem signals can be identified as they occur in real time.


Shockline NLTL

Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology has historically been used for pulse shaping applications and in digitizing oscilloscopes. Over the years it has proven itself to be a highly credible, robust technology. It has been refined by Anritsu for high-frequency use, and complemented with novel monolithic broadband directional bridges, multiplexers, and other key components.


Signal Integrity

Today's signal integrity engineers are challenged to meet high data rates, due to increasing demand for data generated from cloud computing, smart phones and LTE services. The need to minimize costs, and close the loop of simulation and measurement are essential. Fortunately the latest Vector Network Analyzer and Signal Quality Analyzer technologies can provide a solution to these challenges.


同步乙太網路 (SyncE)

現今通訊網路的一般趨勢,是將同步網路 (PDH、SDH/SONET) 遷移至以乙太網路為基礎的封包交換網路 (PSN)。不過乙太網路的非同步特性會造成傳輸困難,因為許多現有網路都強烈需要整個網路的頻率同步;PDH 和 SDH/SONET 技術具有內建實體層功能,可傳遞時序參照。同步乙太網路 (SyncE) 可在以乙太網路為基礎的封包網路應用同步功能。


目前有兩種乙太網路同步技術:實體同步訊號轉送,於 ITU-T G.8261、G.8262 及 G.8264 定義 (目前將此稱為 SyncE),以及以通訊協定為基礎的同步,於 IEEE1588 v2 精確時間協定 (PTP) 定義。ITU-T 在 G.8265.1 IEEE 1588 v2 電信規範中定義 PTP 子集。



TD-SCDMA is China's proprietary technology, third generation mobile phone system is one of the IMT-2000 standard.
Time-division duplex time division switch in the same frequency uplink and downlink (TDD) Code Division Multiple Access technology (CDMA) communication system is a combination of technologies.



For over 110 years Anritsu has been a leader in developing emerging technologies. First to provide 3G test and measurement solutions to the wireless market, we are now firmly established as the leader of 3G test. First to develop a range of products for HSPA, Anritsu is now at the forefront of developing solutions meeting not only the broader need of this technology but the industries demands for implementing LTE and Next Generation Networks.



Wireless communication systems are becoming increasingly complicated. They are shifting to higher frequencies and wider bandwidths to support high-speed communications, with the IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Standard an excellent example.

When developing WiMAX equipment, engineers must be sure it performs in the higher frequencies of the WiMAX spectrum. At the manufacturing stage, equipment must be tested efficiently. Once delivered and deployed, WiMAX sending and receiving equipment is subject to the usual challenges of antenna and transmission device tuning and radio interference.

All of these scenarios call for a new generation of test tools with excellent accuracy and wideband analysis at the higher frequencies utilized by WiMAX. In addition, equipment must be flexible to support WiMAX profiles which may vary from region to region and are frequently revised.

Anritsu's role in WiMAX

Anritsu is a leading manufacturer of instruments used in R&D, product testing, manufacturing, network and user equipment testing, and field maintenance of wireless communications technology. Anritsu has made a strong commitment to WiMAX with the goal of offering solutions that will help manufacturers and carriers keep up with evolving standards and get products to market faster.

Anritsu is an active member of the WiMAX Forum and its products have been exhibited at the TWG (Technical Working Group) and the WiMAX Forum's Plugfests. Two products, the MG3700A Vector Signal Generator and the MS2781B Signature Vector Signal Analyzer are listed in the State of the Art (SOA) Equipment document of the WiMAX Forum.

This area is designed as a one-stop reference for engineers involved in WiMAX testing and measurement including the selection of test equipment and software suites, the setup of base stations and antennas, and ongoing maintenance of Mobile and Fixed WiMAX communications systems. Here you'll find the latest news, educational documents and web seminars, as well as information on the latest products from Anritsu. BOOKMARK this page and please come back often!



Reading email and surfing the internet while on the move, at an airport or in a café, has become an accepted part of daily life. Now WLAN technology is also being integrated into mobile phones and PDAs so that users of these products can also benefit from improved access to data while on the move.

We will expect the technology to work smoothly and seamlessly "out of the box". This is where Anritsu can help. Anritsu understands that the success of a technology, and any products integrating that technology, is dependant on users enjoying excellent high quality connections the first time it is used.