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IQ Data Output Option – Protocol-free EDR Measurements MT8852B-017

IQ data output (Option 17) is an optional PC software package for the MT885xA/B. It enables the user to perform three of the EDR transmitter measurements defined in the Bluetooth specification without the need to create a test mode connection to the EUT.

摺頁冊 pdf 4.1 MB Version: C 2007/6/20


MT8850A Firmware version 3.09

MT8850A Firmware update for the Bluetooth® Test Set.  Version 3.09

驅動程式/軟體下載 943.72 KB 2008/12/17

MT8850A LabVIEW Driver Functionality DLL, version 1.22a

MT8850A LabVIEW Driver Functionality DLL, version 1.22a

驅動程式/軟體下載 exe 984.0 KB 2004/12/17

MT8850A LabVIEW Driver, version 1.22a

MT8850A LabVIEW Driver, version 1.22a

驅動程式/軟體下載 exe 4.2 MB 2004/12/17

BlueSuite MT8850A/52A PC Support Software v1.00

BlueSuite MT8850A/MT8852A PC Support Software, Standard Version, v1.00

驅動程式/軟體下載 6.18 MB 2002/12/2

BlueSuite Pro 2 MT8850A/52A PC Support Software (License Required)

BlueSuite Pro is a very powerful tool for customers wanting to view Bluetooth packet traces and automate some standard measurement routines. Requires purchased software licence. (Version 2.05)

驅動程式/軟體下載 9.35 MB 1998/1/1


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