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Test UICC for Smartphones (Anritsu Test UICC, W-CDMA/GSM Test USIM)

• Call Processing with Anritsu Instrument Default Settings • Preset 3GPP TS 34.108 Test Parameter Settings • Confirmed Support for Popular Smartphones

傳單 pdf 418.2 KB 2018/6/29

LTE FDD/TDD Measurement Software MX882012C/13C, LTE FDD/TDD Measurement Software Lite MX882042C/43C

The LTE FDD Measurement Software MX882012C/LTE TDD Measurement Software MX882013C is designed for measuring the transmitter and receiver of 3.9G LTE FDD/TDD terminals. The LTE FDD Measurement Software Lite MX882042C, LTE TDD Measurement Software Lite MX882043C is designed for measuring the transmitter and receiver of 3.9G LTE FDD/TDD terminals.

摺頁冊 pdf 1.4 MB 2016/3/16

PHS Measurement Software MX882005C

The PHS Measurement Software MX882005C supports transmitter and receiver measurements of PHS mobile terminals now spreading worldwide centered on Asia, including Japan. Installing the PHS Measurement SoftwareMX882005C in one MT8820C main frame supports evaluation of major transmitter and receiver characteristics of PHS terminals and base stations.

摺頁冊 pdf 1.6 MB 2016/3/1

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8820C

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8820C platform covers a frequency range of 30 MHz to 2.7 GHz (3.4 GHz to 3.8 GHz). When the dedicated optional measurement software and hardware is installed, the major Tx and Rx characteristics of LTE, LTAdvanced, W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA Evolution/DC-HSPA/4C-HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, CDMA2000 1X, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A, PHS/Advanced PHS, and TD-SCDMA/HSPA/HSDPA Evolution terminals can be measured using a single MT8820C unit.

摺頁冊 pdf 1.7 MB 2016/3/1

W-CDMA Measurement Software MX882000C

The W-CDMA Measurement Software MX882000C is designed for measuring the transmitter and receiver of 3G W-CDMA terminals.

摺頁冊 pdf 2.2 MB 2016/3/1

GSM Measurement Software MX882001C

The GSM Measurement Software MX882001C supports measurement of transmitters and receivers of digital mobile terminals conforming to GSM/GPRS/EGPRS-the world's most widely used digital mobile standard.

摺頁冊 pdf 2.0 MB 2016/3/1

CDMA2000/1xEV-DO Measurement Software MX882002C/06C

The CDMA2000 Measurement Software MX882002C is for measuring the Rx and Tx performance of the widespread, CDMA2000 1X (IS-2000) compliant, 3G mobile terminal technology. The 1xEV-DO Measurement Software MX882006C is for measuring the performance of mobile terminals conforming to the 1xEV-DO IS-856-0 standard (CDMA2000 1X Evolution Data Only defined in the 3GPP2 standard).

摺頁冊 pdf 1.4 MB 2016/3/1

TD-SCDMA Measurement Software MX882007C

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8820C with TD-SCDMA Measurement Software MX882007C offer powerful support for the R&D and manufacturing phases of 3G TD-SCDMA mobile terminals (1.28 Mcps TDD) now making good market progress mainly in China.

摺頁冊 pdf 1.3 MB 2016/3/1


The LTE FDD Measurement Software MX882012C / the LTE TDD Measurement Software MX882013C is designed for measuring the transmitter and receiver of 3.9G LTE FDD/TDD and LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD terminals.

產品介紹 pdf 988.7 KB 2014/12/25

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8820C

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8820C is the all-in-one test platform for R&D and manufacturing of LTE/2G/3G UE (User Equipment). It supports manufacturing of LTE terminals, including RF calibration, RF parametric testing, and functional tests.

產品介紹 pdf 2.6 MB 2014/12/25

All-in-one Solution Supporting LTE and 3G/2G Terminal for R&D and Manufacturing

Leaflet of MT8820C the all-in-one test platform for LTE-Advanced, LTE, 3G and 2G User Equipment.

傳單 pdf 275.2 KB 2014/10/3


All-in-One MT8820C supporting all test functions, including signaling, is the ideal RF tester for RF R&D and manufacturing of TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM mobile terminals . It gives you cost-benefit, small footprint, and efficient work over other solutions like two boxes.

產品介紹 pdf 2.4 MB 2012/10/25

Precaution of Interference caused from poor Isolation outside MT8820B/C

The precautions of the interference caused from poor isolation outside MT8820B/C, i.e. between UEs and RF cables, should be considered, Especially, in case of using MT8820B/C Parallel Phone Measurement (PPM) configuration which can do 2port-measurement independently by single unit, the interference problem may be occurred easier than 1 port/1 unit configuration since the UEs and/or RF cables tend to be located closely in the production line. Moreover TDD (Time Division Duplex) mode in TD-SCDMA, and TD-LTE technology tend to have the interference problem since TDD uses the same up and down frequencies. But there is also a possibility that FDD mode in WCDMA, GSM, C2K, and LTE FDD while the same frequency in a test is used between UEs. Meanwhile the MT8820C internal isolation between Phone 1 and Phone 2 is at least 138 dB min, which is enough against the interference.

應用說明 pdf 210.0 KB 2011/12/28


Software Download Service

You can download a product firmware that you have and the latest related software. (The product registration of this service is necessary to use this download service.)

驅動程式/軟體下載 2016/12/1


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