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Anti-Virus Measures for Instruments with Windows Operating System

We take measures to protect Anritsu instruments that run Windows operating systems from computer viruses. This white paper provides ways of protecting your instrument from computer viruses.

白皮書 pdf 608.5 KB 2019/12/26

Signalling Tester MD8430A

Mobile UEs are quickly becoming fast multimedia terminals due to widespread adoption of the next-generation LTE radio communications standard. The Signalling Tester MD8430A is a key LTE base station simulator for developing LTE-compliant chipsets and mobile devices. Using its extensive experience in 3G markets, Anritsu has developed the MD8430A as a powerful LTE protocol R&D test solution to help developers bring LTE terminals to market as fast as possible.

摺頁冊 pdf 2.4 MB 2019/1/31

Signalling Tester MD8430A

Adding the latest 3GPP LTE standards to the MD8430A offers an ideal solution for developers needing to bring new LTE terminals to market in time for the upcoming start of LTE services.

產品介紹 pdf 1.3 MB 2014/4/25

Powerful Support for Developing Next-Generation LTE Chipsets and Mobiles

The MD8430A brings flexible and responsive support for the latest 3GPP LTE standard; starting with powerful L1/L2 cache analysis functions, it also supports handover tests with UTRAN/GERAN systems, as well as supporting the latest UE categories.

資料表 pdf 467.0 KB 2009/1/13


Software Download Service

You can download a product firmware that you have and the latest related software. (The product registration of this service is necessary to use this download service.)

驅動程式/軟體下載 2016/8/3


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