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CMA5000a OTDR Module Series

The CMA5000a Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) application is based on over 30 years of development and experience in characterizing optical fibers. Our world – class OTDR modules continue this tradition with the latest in high performance hardware and dedicated, easy to use software.

資料表 pdf 497.7 KB 2013/4/22

NetWorks and TraceView

Difference of OTDR Trace Analysis Software

選取指南 pdf 980.8 KB 2011/11/25

Video Inspection Probe

This is discontinued product document.

資料表 pdf 537.6 KB 2011/3/18

CMA5000a Multi-layer Network Test Platform

This is discontinued product document.

產品介紹 pdf 4.2 MB 2009/2/23


TraceView Software v5.0

TraceView is software that allows users to view OTDR trace files on their PCs. It exhibits a subset of the functionality found in Anritsu's NetWorks/OTDR software.

驅動程式/軟體下載 zip 66.7 MB Version: 5.0 2014/2/26

OMETS Software

This download includes the support package for the OMETS Embeddedable OTDR Module.
MD5 : 152fa528eb607298e9e57dd987ded610

驅動程式/軟體下載 zip 31.4 MB Version: v20050929 2011/3/3


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