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BERT Solution: For evaluating PCIe Gen5, USB, and Thunderbolt interfaces

Next-Generation Digital I/F Rx Tests


The spread of IoT devices and Cloud Computing services is causing explosive growth in data traffic handled by digital devices, in turn requiring faster serial device interfaces. The PCIe and USB interfaces used by digital devices are handling ever larger data volumes so the resulting next-generation PCI Express Gen5 standard reaches higher speeds of 32 GT/s, while USB3.1 Gen 2 supports 10 Gbit/s, USB4 supports 20 Gbit/s and USB4 Type-C is also compatible with Thunderbolt which also supports 20 Gbit/s.

Target Applications

Compliance Test (Click below for the details test items)
PCI Express Gen4/5USB 3.2Thunderbolt3

Debug Test (Click below for the details test items)
Jitter Tolerance
Link Training

Target Applications
The MP1900A is an approved certified measuring instrument for compliance tests for the following standards:
  • PCIe Gen3/4
  • USB3.2
  • Thunderbolt3

Multi-interface Support using Wideband MP1900A BERT

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A supports measurement requirements from the first development stages for high-speed, next-generation, digital interface standards (CEI-28G/56G/112G, InfiniBand, 100G/400G/800G Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Thunderbolt 3, PCI Express (PCIe), USB) using 32-Gbit/s PPG and ED modules, Jitter/Noise addition functions, and application software.

Multi-interface Support using Wideband MP1900A BERT

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