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Spectrum Master MS276xA family of ultraportable Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Master MS276xA family of ultraportable spectrum analyzers, USB-powered and controlled from a Windows-based device, making them uniquely flexible for use anywhere

Ultra-portable. Ultra-broadband. The Spectrum Master™ MS276xA family of ultraportable spectrum analyzers is the first solution of its kind to provide continuous coverage to 170 GHz. This family now offers:

  • The Spectrum Master MS2760A models: providing full broadband coverage from 9 kHz to 170 GHz with excellent dynamic range and DANL performance.
  • The Spectrum Master MS2762A models: providing increased dynamic range and DANL performance than the Spectrum Master MS2760A models for the most demanding sensitivity requirements, these units frequency coverage range is from 6 GHz to 170 GHz.

The Spectrum Master MS2760A and MS2762A solutions deliver the best-in-class price/performance ratio unmatched by traditional benchtop instruments. The Spectrum Master™ MS276xA series are pocket-sized, yet big on performance with leading dynamic range, sweep speed, and amplitude accuracy. The ultraportable size of these instruments enables a direct connection to almost any DUT, eliminating the need for lossy, expensive cables. This enables you to more efficiently advance your technology development and reduce your time to market.

Utilizing Anritsu’s patented nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) technology – the same technology that Anritsu’s world-class vector network analyzers use – the 145 GHz and 170 GHz models are the world's first handheld, millimeter-wave spectrum analyzers to provide broadband, continuous coverage from 9 kHz to 170 GHz and break through the 110 GHz barrier. Having frequency coverage in to the higher bands enables research and development in the entire D band spectrum as well as advanced millimeter-wave applications like radio astronomy, automotive radar, antenna beam pattern testing, and more.

The Spectrum Master MS276xA family are all USB-powered and controlled from a Windows-based PC, laptop, or tablet, making them uniquely flexible for use in the lab, on the manufacturing floor, or even in the field.

  • 具備 5G 毫米波傳輸功能、無線回程連線、802.11ad、衛星通訊等特色
  • 體積精巧,便利易攜,測試當下即可使用裝置即刻量測
  • 量測:通道功率、相鄰通道功率、佔用頻寬
  • 專利 NLTL 技術提供 >100 dB 動態範圍
  • -127 dBm DANL (110 GHz)
  • 多達 6 條軌跡、4 個軌跡檢測器及 12 個標記
  • 標準 3 年保固


Model Number Description
1091-456-R Adapter, 49.9 to 67.0 GHz, WR15 to V(f)
1091-457-R Adapter, 39.3 to 59.7 GHz, WR19 to V(f)
1091-458-R Adapter, 33.0 to 50.1 GHz, WR22 to V(f)
1091-459-R Adapter, 26.4 to 40.1 GHz, WR28 to V(f)
1091-460-R Adapter, 17.6 to 26.7 GHz, WR42 to V(f)

Inline Adapters

Model Number Description
1091-402-R Inline Adapter, W1 (f) to WR15, 50 to 75 GHz
1091-401-R Inline Adapter, W1 (f) to WR12, 60 to 90 GHz
1091-400-R Inline Adapter, W1 (f) to WR10, 75 to 110 GHz
2000-1889-R Inline Adapter, K (f) to WR42, 17.6 to 26.7 GHz
2000-1890-R Inline Adapter, K (f) to WR28, 26.4 to 40.1 GHz
2000-1880-R Coaxial Adapter, V (f) to N (m), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
2000-1881-R Coaxial Adapter, V (f) to N (f), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω

Cables and Extenders

Model Number Description
2000-1605-R BNC(m) - MCX(m) Cable, 1.5 meters
2000-1859-R USB 3.0 Type C to Type A Cable, 1m
2000-1888-R USB 3.0 Extender Cable, 10m
2000-1917-R 100m USB CAT 6A/7 extender
2000-1918-R 200m USB multimode fiber extender

Directional Horn Antennas

Model Number Description
2000-1867-R 17.6 to 26.7 GHz, WR42, 25 dBi gain
2000-1868-R 26.4 to 40.1 GHz, WR28, 25 dBi gain
2000-1869-R 33.0 to 50.1 GHz, WR22, 25 dBi gain
2000-1870-R 39.3 to 59.7 GHz, WR19, 25 dBi gain
2000-1871-R 49.9 to 75.8 GHz, WR15, 25 dBi gain
2000-1872-R 60.0 to 90.0 GHz, WR12, 25 dBi gain
2000-1873-R 75.0 to 110.0 GHz, WR10, 25 dBi gain

These low noise amplifiers (LNAs) are specially designed to supplement the performance of the MS276xA ultraportable spectrum analyzers. With approximately 28 dB of gain, these LNAs will improve sensitivity by approximately 20-22 dBm in the frequency range from 18 to 42 GHz.

Model Number Description

Fits models
Frequency Range: 18 - 42 GHz
Gain: 28 dB
Noise Figure: 4 dB
RF Connector: V(m) – V(f) output
Max RF input level: -5 dBm, (0 dBm damage level)
Specification temperature: +25°C

Fits models
Frequency Range: 18 - 42 GHz
Gain: 28 dB
Noise Figure: 4 dB
RF Connector: K(m) – K(f) output
Max RF input level: -5 dBm, (0 dBm damage level)
Specification temperature: +25°C
2000-1933-R USB power bank (for use with the MS276xA Low Noise Amplifier accessory)
型號 MS2760A

MS2760A-0050 9 kHz — 50 GHz

MS2760A-0070 9 kHz ~ 70 GHz 

動態範圍 > 103 dB (70 GHz)

-110 dBc/Hz,10 kHz 偏差 (1 GHz)

射頻接頭 V(m) 接頭

±1 dB(典型值)

精確度 ± 0.2 ppm (25 °C ± 25°C) + 老化
老化:±1.0 ppm/數年
型號 描述
MS2760A-0050 頻譜分析儀 (9 kHz ~ 50 GHz)

頻譜分析儀 (9 kHz ~ 70 GHz)

選項 描述
標準校準 (ANSI Z540-1-1994),適用於 MS2760A-0050

高階校準(ANSI Z540-1-1994 增加測試資料),適用於 MS2760A-0050

MS2760A-0070-0098 標準校準 (ANSI Z540-1-1994),適用於 MS2760A-0070
MS2760A-0070-0099 高階校準(ANSI Z540-1-1994 增加測試資料),適用於 MS2760A-0070