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SLD White Paper Publication Notice


SLD White Paper

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) has published a White Paper on Super Luminescent Diodes (SLD).

The SLD is a semiconductor light source with a wide spectrum and low coherence similar to light emitting diodes (LED) as well as a high output power similar to laser diodes (LD).

White Paper Contents

This low-coherence SLD light source is attracting attention in various optical measurement fields, such as Fiber Optical Gyroscopes (FOG) for detecting rotation angle in aviation and helicopter applications, optical fiber sensors, such as opto-electric sensing, and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for non-destructive, non-contact imaging of biological materials and thin films. These light sources are characterized by high output, wide spectrum, and low coherence.

This White Paper explains the basic structure and device characteristics for people who are unfamiliar with SLD technology, along with typical uses and comparison of characteristics from various aspects, including reliability and applications. Anritsu hopes this White Paper will give readers a better understanding of SLD features and uses to facilitate adoption in a wide variety of applications.

White Paper Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. SLD Basic Principles
    1. SLD Features
    2. Structure of SLD
    3. Coherence Characteristics
  3. SLD Characteristics
    1. Module Features
    2. Reliability
  4. Application Fields
    1. OCT (Medical and Industrial)
    2. White Light Interferometry
    3. Optical Fiber Sensors
    4. Others
  5. References

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