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Anritsu launching SLD unit with 880 nm drive circuit AM8P8006SL45G



Anritsu (President CEO: Hirokazu Hamada) has announced the launching from August 26th of AM8P8006SL45G, the SLD [*1] unit with 880nm drive circuit applicable as the light source of OCT [*2] device for ophthalmic examination and diagnosis.

This latest compact SLD unit incorporates, in addition to the drive circuit, the SLD manufactured in-house which has the long successful history with higher quality and reliability proven in the non-communication market such as optical gyroscope [*3] and semiconductor inspection equipment.

Ophthalmic OCT manufacturers are accelerating the development to cope with the urging demands from the medical market; Ophthalmic OCT devices are prevailing among the Ophthalmologists acknowledging the efficiency and the effectiveness in examination and diagnosis of retinal diseases of increasing elderly population. Anritsu provides with confidence AM8P8006SL45G - developed with our accumulated technologies over many years - to ophthalmic OCT manufacturers for shortening the development term of their product.

Development background

Ophthalmic OCT manufacturers are urged to shorten device development to meet the market demands for the rapidly prevailing OCT devices.

Anritsu has developed AM8P8006SL45G incorporating the drive circuit in the highly reliable SLD with the performance proven in the telecommunications market and offers it to ophthalmic OCT manufacturers to facilitate their light source development.

Product Outline

AM8P8006SL45G employs the SLD light source with the wavelength at the central wavelength of 880 nm and the half-width type 50nm applicable for the ophthalmic OCT device. AM8P8006SL45G has a compact unit with a built-in SLD light source and drive circuit in single housing. The input through D-sub 9-pin female connector is optimal for incorporation into the customer's OCT device.

SLD Light Sources

The Difference between an SLD and LD or LED


Ophthalmic OCT manufacturers
Light source for Ophthalmic OCT


[*1] SLD (Super Luminescent Diode)
A light source that has output power comparable to that of a laser diode, as well the wide spectrum and low coherence comparable to an Light Emitting Diode (LED). Its light emission in a narrow active layer equivalent to a Laser Diode makes SLD excellent for coupling with an optical fiber.
[*2] OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
A technology that applies the light interference to beam and scan for accurately obtain tomographic image of three-dimensional structure, i.e. the inside of an object or the human body. Using near-infrared light, the OCT imaging is non-destructive and non-contact, and it is optimally applicable and employed for inspection of thin film products, and ophthalmology among others.
[*3] Gyroscope
A gyroscope is a device used for measuring or sensing orientation and angular velocity of an object that moves in a three-dimensional space.