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Message from the Sensing & Devices Company President


Supplying Core Devices for Various Industrial Products to the World to Make Lives More Pleasant and Create a Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Society

The Sensing & Devices Company provides optical devices such as super-luminescent diodes, semiconductor optical amplifiers, and lasers that use compound semiconductors as their core technology, electronic devices such as digital ICs that integrate heterojunction bipolar transistors, and wavelength swept light sources that apply precision assembly to optical devices.

We strive to achieve higher frequencies and faster speeds for flagship devices to suit the evolving telecommunications market, and to meet increasing demand for sensing devices from society due to problems such as the rapidly aging society, labor shortages, and climate change, while utilizing our optical high-output technology and wavelength support capability based on a wide range of epitaxial wafer growth technologies. We also work to expand applications in the field of non-contact high-precision length measurement via high-coherence light sources in order to support the development of a smart society. By providing safety and security via the utilization of these types of optical sensing, we will contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

As a company that handles optical and high-speed electronic devices and develops technologies for utilizing those devices, we will continue to strive to improve customer satisfaction so that we are relied upon for a long time to come, by customers in various industries including telecommunications, as well as medicine, industry, environment, and precision measurement.

Company President, Sensing & Devices Company: Yasunobu Hashimoto

Sensing & Devices Company President
Company President, Sensing & Devices Company: Yasunobu Hashimoto

Yasunobu Hashimoto