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Human Resources Development

Human Resource Development


The real source of a company’s value is the diversity of its human resources, and for a company such as Anritsu, where technology is a core competence, the hiring and development of human resources capable of leading technical innovation is a key management issue.

At the Domestic Anritsu Group, we believe in the importance of being an organization in which employees feel they are contributing to society and their own growth through their work while working with enthusiasm toward achievement of Company‘s goals. With this in mind, we are focused on continuous developing employment plans that prioritize diversity in both without regard to nationality or gender, education and training programs to support the independent growth efforts of our employees.


  • Hiring
  • Education and training
  • Level-based training
  • Self-development program (Learning content)
  • Fostering candidates for next-generation leadership training
  • Global human resource development
  • Global training for the Test and Measurement business
  • Global training for the PQA business

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Under the Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer at Anritsu Corporation, in the Human Resources and Administration Department and the Domestic Anritsu Group Human Resources Department create the employment plans and educational training systems in line with the goal of training human resources to contribute to Anritsu’s business and the development of a global society.

Anritsu in fiscal 2017 established a hiring committee, chaired by Vice President and Chief Human Resource and Administration Department officer. The committee focuses on recruitment policies and plans for their implementation. Through discussions with business division leaders on the committee and executives, the committee continually works toward securing the quantity and quality of human resources required by the company. The company has held a meeting between division leaders and the human resources and administration department to exchange views on human resources since in fiscal 2014. With human resources development as a main theme, the meeting was an opportunity for the company to improve its educational and training system.

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