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Understanding OTDRs

White Paper of Understanding OTDRs

白皮书 pdf 2.5 MB 2013/2/27

NetWorks and TraceView

Difference of OTDR Trace Analysis Software

选择指南 pdf 980.8 KB 2011/11/25

How to print an OTDR measurement result

Recently, some of the Printer vendors released "USB Direct Print Function" by a printer, when using this function, it can be printed out an OTDR measurement result without any equipment.

应用指南 pdf 326.1 KB 2011/4/8

Video Inspection Probe

This is discontinued product document.

技术指标 pdf 537.6 KB 2011/3/18

MT9083 Series ACCESS Master

Technicians maintaining diverse systems are forced to carry a large variety of test equipment on-site, including OTDRs, Light Sources, Optical Power Meters, Visible Light Sources, etc., as well as a notebook computer for evaluating the FTTx QoS. On the other hand, fiber construction requires measuring instruments with different functions and performance.In addition, core and backbone networks utilize long fibers while optical access networks use short fibers, both requiring different types of measuring instruments with different performance.But now Anritsu's new line of MT9083 ACCESS Master OTDRs solves all these problems by providing all the measurement functions and performance required for optical fiber construction and maintenance in a compact, lightweight, all-in-one unit that eliminates the burden of carrying many different test sets and instruments on-site.

产品手册 pdf 2.1 MB 2011/2/3

Testing optical fiber in a Manufacturing Environment

Application Note for MT9083 Access Master

应用指南 pdf 747.8 KB 2010/12/9

Digital and Optical Measuring Test Solutions for NGN

Solutions catalog for Digital and Optical

产品手册 pdf 695.1 KB 2008/6/6


TraceView Software v5.0

TraceView is software that allows users to view OTDR trace files on their PCs. It exhibits a subset of the functionality found in Anritsu's NetWorks/OTDR software.

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 66.7 MB Version: 5.0 2014/2/26


The following Software for MT9083 series are contained in the zip file.

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 52.7 KB Version: 1.01 2012/6/28