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Signal Generators MG3702xA Maintenance Manual

This manual provides service information for the Series MG3702xA Fast Switching Microwave Signal Generator. P/N: 10370-10372

维护手册 pdf 7.0 MB Version: B 2015/7/29

RF/Microwave Signal Generators MG3702xA Technical Data Sheet

The MG37020A Fast Switching Microwave Signal Generator is the “ideal microwave signal generator” for applications where fast frequency switching speed is a critical parameter, including data intensive applications, high throughput manufacturing test, and signal simulation. The MG37020A Fast Switching Microwave Signal Generator provides fast switching speed along with high output power, low phase noise, spectral purity, high performance pulse modulation including burst mode, size, upgradeability, reliability and service. Our signal generators are configurable for a broad range of applications from R&D to manufacturing and depot repair. Anritsu provides you a total solution including proven reliability and standard 3 year warranty plus pre- and post-sale support that is the best in the industry.

技术指标 pdf 2.5 MB Version: L 2014/12/15

RF/Microwave Signal Generators MG3702xA Operation Manual

This manual provides general information, installation, and operating information for the Anritsu series MG3702xA synthesized signal generator. Throughout this manual, the terms MG3702xA, signal generator, and synthesizer will be used interchangeably to refer to the instrument.

操作手册 pdf 8.3 MB Version: D 2013/10/30

MG37020A Online Help System

Online helpset, compilation of manuals for easier viewing. P/N: 10450-00006

在线帮助系统 htm 1.0 KB Version: A 2010/6/25

RF/Microwave Signal Generators MG3702xA SCPI Programming Manual

This manual provides information for remote operation of the Series MG3702xA Synthesized High Performance Signal Generators using commands sent from an external controller via the IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB), USB, and Ethernet.

编程手册 pdf 1.4 MB Version: B 2008/10/7