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Coverage Mapping with Anritsu's Field Master Pro MS2090A and NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A Solutions

Anritsu's Field Master Pro MS2090A spectrum analyzer and NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A are the ideal solution for anyone conducting coverage testing of RF and microwave communications systems, including 5G systems operating in both FR1 (<6 GHz) and FR2 (>6 GHz) bands and testing of indoor DAS systems. P/N: 11410-01123

应用指南 pdf 2.3 MB Version: A 2019/3/26

Radio Frequency Coverage Mapping Application Note

The ideal combination for indoor and outdoor, multi-frequency radio coverage mapping measurements. This application note explains how to build and use a radio frequency coverage mapping test system utilizing Anritsu's Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A, Vision MX280001A software, and NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A solutions. P/N: 11410-01096

应用指南 pdf 1.8 MB Version: B 2018/12/5

MA8100A TRX NEON Signal Mapper

The MA8100A TRX NEON Signal Mapper is a 3D in-building coverage mapping solution that is integrated for use with Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer products to automatically collect geo-referenced test data with every step. The system allows you to perform coverage testing of RF communications systems both indoors and outdoors. It uses inertial data from a wearable tracking device to enable real-time 3D location and mapping inside buildings. The system incorporates GPS data when line of sight to GPS satellites is available.

用户手册 pdf 15.5 MB Version: C 2018/3/27

Solving 5G Coverage Mapping and mmWave Test Challenges with the Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer and TRX NEON MA8100A Signal Mapper

5G networks will provide wider channel bandwidths and greater data capacity than current 4G networks. Channel bandwidths greater than 200 MHz and data rates of tens of gigabits per second are planned. Read more about these new test Challenges.

应用指南 pdf 2.9 MB Version: B 2017/9/13

3D Mapping System Helps Engineering Firm Efficiently Install IBW in Seattle Schools

Engineers responsible for designing and installing In Building Wireless (IBW) networks have longed for tools to help them do their jobs better and more efficiently. For one engineering firm in the Pacific Northwest, utilizing the Anritsu LMR Master™ S412E handheld analyzer with the MA8100A TRX NEON Signal Mapper provided them with considerable advantages over traditional signal mapping methods that require a GPS signal, which is usually unreliable – at best – or more commonly unavailable indoors. By using this innovative system, the engineering team was able to complete the project faster so schools could open on schedule.

案例研究 pdf 699.2 KB Version: A 2017/4/5

In-building propagation measurements for the coming fifth-generation mobile communication technologies (5G)

Understanding in-building propagation will be important for the success of the coming 5G mobile communication technologies. Anritsu is a leader in mmWave measurement test equipment and offers both equipment and software to make it easy to measure in-building coverage of the new 5G spectrum.

白皮书 pdf 13.5 MB Version: A 2016/8/3

TRX NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A Series Product Flyer

In-building Coverage Mapping with TRX NEON Signal Mapper. MA8100A Series TRX NEON Signal Mapper, a 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with all Anritsu Handheld instruments with spectrum analyzer mode using channel power measurements. P/N: 11410-00923

传单 pdf 884.1 KB Version: B 2016/6/28

Explosive growth in DAS, small cell markets could create a workforce pinch

Test and measurement leader Anritsu debuts certification programs for active, passive DAS

This article originally appeared in the on-line edition of RCR Wireless in November, 2015

文章 pdf 849.0 KB Version: A 2016/6/16

Anritsu and TRX take indoor public safety signal mapping into 3D

A tracker and TRX software, used in conjunction with Anritsu's LMR Master handheld instrument, enable lightly-trained users to be able to quickly and accurately map signal and sensor information inside buildings. This article originally appeared in the on-line edition of RCR Wireless in May, 2016. P/N: 11410-00954

文章 pdf 918.1 KB Version: A 2016/6/14

In-building Mapping with the Anritsu S412E LMR Master and the MA8100A Series TRX NEON Signal Mapper

Facility managers often need to verify Public Safety, Broadcast and Personal communications systems operate throughout the facility. Point location measurements of spectrum analyzer displays are commonly used to document signal levels. The Anritsu S412E combined with the MA8100A Series 3D signal mapping solution provides a powerful in-building mapping solution so users can easily make measurements and create detailed maps and reports of in-building coverage. P/N: 11410-00926

应用指南 pdf 2.4 MB Version: A 2016/4/12




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