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Understanding IBW In-Building Wireless: DAS to Small Cells Application Note

The purpose of an in-building wireless system is to provide enhanced network coverage and or capacity when the existing macro network is not able to adequately service the demand. Coverage may be poor due to high penetration losses caused by the building structure or due to low emissivity glass installed to improve the thermal performance of the building. P/N: 11410-00885

应用指南 pdf 1.8 MB Version: C 2018/3/28

Video Inspection Probe

This is discontinued product document.

技术指标 pdf 537.6 KB 2011/3/18

CMA5000a CD-OTDR OTDR/Chromatic Dispersion Application

The field portable CMA5000a OTDR/ Chromatic Dispersion (OTDR/CD) measurement system is a dedicated module that combines the advanced capabilities of Anritsu's OTDR technology with Anritsu's experience in Chromatic Dispersion.

技术指标 pdf 639.7 KB 2010/2/16

CMA5000a Multi-layer Network Test Platform

This is discontinued product document.

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TraceView Software v5.0

TraceView is software that allows users to view OTDR trace files on their PCs. It exhibits a subset of the functionality found in Anritsu's NetWorks/OTDR software.

驱动程序/软件下载 zip 66.7 MB Version: 5.0 2014/2/26