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VNA Calibration and Verification Kits 36xx Operation & Maintenance Manual

This manual provides description and maintenance instructions for the Models 3650 (SMA/3.5 mm), 3651 (GPC-7), 3652 (K Connector), 3653 (Type N), and 3654/3654B* (V Connector) Calibration Kits and Models 3666 (3.5 mm), 3667 (GPC-7), 3668 (K Connector), and 3669/3659B* (V Connector) Verification Kits.

操作手册 pdf 269.1 KB Version: F 2003/8/4

Vector Network Analyzer 360B Instrument Driver for LabWindows v1.00 User Guide

The Anritsu Instrument Driver software v1.00 is written specifically for the model 360B VNA.

用户手册 pdf 1.2 MB Version: B 1998/2/1

Programming the 360 VNA Using HP Basic, AN360-9

Programming guide for 360

用户手册 pdf 370.3 KB 1998/1/1

Vector Network Analyzer 360 Materials Measurement Software User Guide

This manual applies to the 360 Vector Network Analyzer Materials Measurement Software: Software Version 1.02 and Materials Measurement Package Model 2300-11A.

用户手册 pdf 338.7 KB Version: C 1992/1/3




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