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MS27101A Interference Hunter


RSM is a small half-rack receiver which can be deployed 100s or 1000s of km from the control center. It is an ideal solution for spectrum monitoring.

Anritsu MS27101A 远程频谱监控器

Anritsu 推出三种型号的远程频谱监控器产品,专门用于查找干扰问题以及识别非法的或未经核准的信号活动。 MS27101A 采用 1U ½ 机架外壳封装,专用于室内应用。  MS27102A 是一款防护等级达 IP67 的室外操作设备,可使用附带的安装支架安装到长杆或墙壁上。 MS27103A 是一款多端口频谱监控器,配备 12 个(可选 24 个)射频输入端口,非常适合蜂窝式、DAS 和其他需要使用多天线的应用。

  • 9 kHz 至 6 GHz
  • 扫描速度高达 24 GHz/s
  • 集成网络服务器,可通过网页浏览器查看、控制和执行测量
  • 采用硬件监视计时器,确保远程部署的监控器长期保持稳定性
  • 杂散水平低,可准确发现信号
  • 20 MHz 瞬时 FFT 带宽

PC based VSA software for use with IQ data captured from an Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer enabled with Option 128

MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis PC software for Anritsu analyzers with option 128 is for testing physical layer modulation quality of various transmission standards. It serves a wide variety of markets, from aerospace to public safety (TETRA) to satellite communications and commercial electronics (ZigBee, Wi-Fi).

During the design and manufacturing stages of a wireless communication system, it is common to measure the modulation quality with benchtop instruments. Using the IQ capture (optional on some analyzers) together with the MX280005A software these measurements can be validated in a field environment. In framed mode, the software decodes common wireless signals including public safety (TETRA, P25, and DMR) to aerospace and satellite communications. In unframed mode, the software analyzes continuous modulation such as DQPSK, QAM, ASK, and FSK. The Field Master Pro MS2090A supports IQ captures up to 110 MHz bandwidth meaning narrow band communications signals or wideband satellite downlink signals can be captured and analyzed with the same application. Note that framed mode is not supported on the MS2710XA series of spectrum monitors.

MX280005A software can initiate the capture of IQ data over an Ethernet connection or a data capture can be triggered manually. Multiple analysis formats are provided including signal spectrum, EVM, constellation diagrams, eye diagrams, and numeric result tables. A comprehensive insight into all aspects of the transmitter performance is provided as multiple results windows can be displayed simultaneously.


通过仪器上的千兆以太网端口,实现与 MS27101A 之间的通信。提供多种选项,以便使用 DHCP 服务器动态获得 IP 地址,或用于设置静态的 IP 地址。本款仪器发运时的默认静态 IP 地址为。通过笔记本电脑/台式电脑连接至仪器后,IP 类型可通过监控器集成网络服务器呈现的用户界面进行更改。

如果使用 DHCP,Anritsu 会提供以太网发现程序,该程序能够查询连接至您网络的所有设备。您可以从 Anritsu 网站上找到以太网发现程序。

部分用户可能愿意选用域名服务器 (DNS),在这种情况下,频谱监控器的主机名称可被解析成动态 IP 地址。您可通过 DNS 服务器创建主机名称。主机名称的示例为“”或“”等。目前存在几个免费的 DNS 服务。比如,Anritsu 使用过。您需要创建一个帐户,并为您的仪器选择主机名称。



MS27101A 远程频谱监控器应用

  • 政府监管机构执行频谱政策
  • 空白频谱监控
  • 敏感站点监控(国境、军事机构和核电站)
  • 机场监控(监控通常与调频波段相邻的通信频率)
  • 监控监狱/拘留所,以捕捉非法广播
  • 主动列车控制 (PTC),确保列车通信频道正常
  • 有线电视,减少到外部环境和有线系统的泄漏
  • In-door and out-door coverage mapping

Hardware Options

Option Description
MS27101A-0706 9 kHz – 6 GHz Spectrum Monitor

Vision Options

Option Description
MS27101A-0400 Vision Monitor Enabled
MS27101A-0401 Vision Locate Enabled (requires option 400)
MS27101A-0407 High-Speed Port Scanner
MS27101A-0479 AM/FM Demodulation
MS27101A-0485 Spectrum Occupancy (requires option 400)
MS27101A-0486 Coverage Mapping (requires option 407)

Optional Accessories

Option Description
760-288-R Transit Case
2000-1371-R Ethernet Cable, 2.13m (7 ft)
2000-1528-R GPD Antenna, SMA(m) with 5 m (15 ft) cable, 3 dBi gain, requires 5 VDC
MA8100A-001 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(1 year license)
MA8100A-003 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(3 year license)
MA8100A-005 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(5 year license)
MA8100A-100 NEON Signal Mapper - 3D in-building coverage mapping solution for use with MS27101A
(Perpetual license with 3 years cloud service and 3 years maintenance and support)