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Anritsu Service Assurance 将在巴塞罗那2012 Mobile World Congress展会推出多项新产品

安立公司将于2/27~3/1在巴塞罗那GSM协会的Mobile World Congress 展会中首次展出,展位位于 Hall 1 / 1B31。 展会中除了发布新产品,安立公司还将展示新一代的MasterClaw监控系统,并提供免费的LTE宣传资料。

Anritsu is showing at Mobile World Congress (MWC) the technologies and solutions that help it maintain the position as the leading supplier of test and monitoring solutions for LTE and HSPA networks. Technologies for test and certification of devices, installation and maintenance of all types of network elements, and monitor systems for service assurance, provide a combined expertise to help ensure the most profitable and professionally managed deployments in the mobile broadband ecosystem.

The key themes that will be highlighted to the industry are the developments for LTE-Advanced, Anritsu’s leading position in certification of devices, the issues and test tools for build-out of networks, and systems for multi-network service assurance and optimizing the revenues from services. Anritsu’s unique displays and state-of-the-art booth will guide visitors through all the stages of mobile broadband deployment, and an expert team is available to discuss all aspects.

At the MWC booth (Hall 1, Booth 1B31), Anritsu will be demonstrating the leading technology for testing LTE devices. This will include the industry’s most advanced call connection technology using the current MD8430A platform to make calls with LTE-Advanced (Rel.10) technology and data rates in a multi-vendor test development environment.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) will be deployed in 2012 and Anritsu will be showing a number of solutions for development and proving. The ME7834L will show the most comprehensive network simulation of any laboratory system, with class-leading data throughput capability and many unique test plans, such as SON/ANR and user-experience tests. Combined with leading Conformance and Carrier Acceptance tests, the system will demonstrate flexible and unique solutions for future terminals.

To ensure reliable and trouble-free cell site deployments and operation, Anritsu will showcase a wide range of field test tools. These range from the industry standard Site Master™, the most advanced all-in-one field tool BTS Master™, and the unique new PIM Master™ with the patented Distance-to-PIM™ to accurately resolve the problems associated with spectrum re-farming and deployment of mobile broadband onto legacy GSM voice networks.

The service assurance portfolio, based around the MasterClaw™ monitoring system, will show a much expanded range of capability. This will include multi-network assurance for 2G, 3G and 4G technology, unique new capability to support the current issues on Spectrum Clearance, and Advanced Customer Experience Management (ACEM) tools that manage the network from a customer centric viewpoint whilst helping to maximize revenues and resource utilization.


安立公司 (是极具创造力的通信解决方案提供商,至今已经有110多年的历史。公司的测试和测量方案包括无线、光学、微波/射频、数字设备,以及可用于开发、生产、安装、维护的运营支持系统和解决方案。安立同时提供高精度微波/射频元器件、光学设备以及通信产品和系统开发使用的高速设备。随着OSS监控方案的补充, 安立已经对当前以及下一代的有线和无线通信系统和服务提供商提供了全面的支持和解决方案。安立的产品已经销往90多个国家,全球雇拥有4000名雇员。