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Wideband and High-Output SLD Module

AS5B125EM50M is Superior Alternative to ASE Light Sources and Conventional SLDs for Multipoint Monitoring Designs

Anritsu Company introduces the AS5B125EM50M 1.55-ƒm Super Luminescent Diode (SLD) module, a low-coherence light source supporting a wide wavelength band of 60 nm and a high fiber output of 25 mW. Incorporating an optical isolator, monitor photo diode, and cooler in a standard 14-pin butterfly package, the AS5B125EM50M has been designed for various fiber sensors and optical measurement applications, such as health monitoring systems and security management of bridges, buildings, and other important structures. It can also act as a light source for evaluating passive devices.

Fully compliant with the EU RoHS Directive, the AS5B125EM50M has performance advantages over desktop-type Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) light sources and standard SLDs in multipoint monitoring designs that require wide bandwidths and high outputs. 1.55-ƒm band ASE light sources have a narrow wavelength band of 30 nm to 40 nm, while conventional SLDs with a wide wavelength band have low outputs of just a few mW. The AS5B125EM50M's combination of wide wavelength band and high output makes it an ideal light source for different types of fibers sensors and optical measurement applications.