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Precision SmartCal MN25208A

Precision SmartCal™


The SmartCal MN25208A is a series of 2-port auto calibration units covering a frequency range from 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz. The MN25208A has 3 different connector options which include a set of N(f), K(f), or 3.5 mm(f) type connectors. The MN25208A delivers automatic, fast and error-free calibrations for any ShockLine VNA. The SmartCal automatically powers on via an USB connection and loads calibration kit coefficients from on-board memory into the ShockLine software. The SmartCal is ready to use immediately after detection by the VNA because it doesn't require warm-up.

SmartCal improves productivity by providing easier and faster single connection calibrations. Port auto sense and port mapping reduce errors and make multiport calibrations easier. The MN25208A, along with easyTest, can also be used in guided graphical test procedures to further simplify complex calibrations.

Key Configurations

Series Description
MN25208A 2-port SmartCal, 300 kHz — 8.5 GHz

Connector Options (Select one connector option only.)

Option Description
MN25208A-001 N(f) – N(f) Connectors
MN25208A-002 K(f) – K(f) Connectors
MN25208A-003 3.5 mm(f) – 3.5 mm(f) Connectors
  • 自动加载校准套件系数,加速设置和减少校准错误
  • 自动感应,避免不正确连接或不良连接导致的不良校准
  • VNA 到 SmartCal Port 映射,增加灵活性并简化多端口校准
  • ShockLine 软件自动检测 SmartCal
  • 无内部加热器,无需等待校准
  • USB 供电和控制提供方便的即插即用接口
  • 单一连接校准,减少接头和线缆的磨损和撕裂
  • 支持所有 ShockLine VNA – 支持 1、2、4 端口校准
  • SCPI 命令集,易于集成到自动测试环境中
  • 低成本的自动和快速校准
  • 小尺寸更易于在 VNA 之间调配使用