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Safety and Health

Safety and Health

Basic Concept

Anritsu states “Respect for Employees” in its Charter of Corporate Behavior. The company believes that in order to enable every employee to fully achieve their potential, it is important to secure employee safety and health and to create a comfortable and efficient workplace.

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Safety and Health, Health Management System

The Anritsu Group in Japan has a safety and health management system that strictly complies with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and it implements various orders and regulations. Moreover, to maintain and improve the health of Group employees, a variety of initiatives and support services are provided by industrial physicians, counselors and health staff assigned to the Health Management Center, such as regular worksite patrols, follow-ups for regular health checkups, stimulating discussions and consultations.

Following the revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Act in fiscal 2016 that mandated the risk assessment of chemical substances, we enhanced our initiatives for preventing health problems associated with exposure to chemical substances.

Major Efforts for Safety, Health and Health Management

  • The Safety and Health Committee reviews the status of activities and formulates accident prevention measures
  • Reducing the risk of accidents by conducting inspections before introducing, relocating or changing equipment, or when purchasing chemical materials
  • Enhancing the awareness of safety and health through training at different organizational levels, and providing training on specific issues such as risk assessment
  • Providing a safe, secure and comfortable workplace by assessing working environments and conducting periodic inspections
  • Conducting health checkups (routine, special, pre-employment and pre-overseas assignment) and follow-ups
  • Questionnaire screening, interviews by industrial physicians and health maintenance measures for overtime workers
  • Raising health awareness through lectures by industrial physicians, for example, on preventing lifestyle diseases and infectious diseases
  • Mental healthcare education for managers
  • Counseling

Safety and Health Committee

Overseas Topics: OHSAS 18001 Certification

In May 2012, Anritsu EMEA Ltd. in the U.K. obtained certification for OHSAS 18001 (2007 version), the international standard for occupational safety and health management systems, and the certification was updated in May 2015. The standard is designed to create a safe and healthy workplace environment by defining the framework for promoting the following aspects.

  • Identify and control health and safety risks
  • Reduce the potential for accidents
  • Aid legal compliance
  • Improve overall performance
OHSAS 18001 Certification