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Respect for Human Rights and Diversity

Respect for Human Rights and Promotion of Diversity


As a company developing its business at the global level, Anritsu streamlines policies and guidelines based on international standards, including as set out in the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council, and ISO 26000:2010, which provides guidance on how companies can operate in a socially responsible way. In the Charter of Corporate Behavior for guiding the Anritsu Group in the conduct of its social responsibility, we declared we will respect the human rights of all those who are connected with it, and will not permit any discriminatory practice related to race, gender, and so forth or infringement of individual dignity, and will never accept child labor or forced labor.

As for the Code of Conduct, which guides the daily operations of all Anritsu Group employees, it states that we will not discriminate in word or deed or engage in acts of violence or impair personal dignity and that we will seek to deepen our understanding and act to respect human rights through educational programs and other appropriate means. Finally, we will continue to practice diversity and inclusion throughout the entire Group as stipulated in our Diversity Policy.

Respect for Human Rights (Excerpt from the Anritsu Group Charter of Corporate Behavior)
The Anritsu Group will respect the human rights of all those who are connected with it, and will not permit any discriminatory practice related to race, gender and so forth or infringement of individual dignity, and will never accept child labor or forced labor.

Diversity Policy
  • We nurture a corporate culture that allows a diverse workforce to demonstrate their personal qualities and abilities based on their lifestyles, regardless of nationality, gender, age, views on work, faith and region, sexual orientation or disability.
  • We respect diversity in the workplace, accept various viewpoints and provide everyone with an opportunity to apply their personal strengths in order to respond to the evolving business environment and generate corporate value.


  • Assessing and monitoring risk
  • Complying with the UK Modern Slavery Act
  • Appointing female executives
  • Empowerment of women’s career development
  • Life-work balance
  • LGBT consideration
  • Promoting the careers of non-Japanese employees
  • Status on employment those with disabilities
  • Applying the skills of senior employees
  • Labor unions and dialog between labor and management

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Centered on the Human Resources and Administration Department, the Sustainability Promotion Center, the Legal Department, and the Global Procurement Operation Division, the Anritsu Group engages in activities aimed at promoting respect for human rights at each stage in the value chains, including our employees, customers, and suppliers. The Diversity Promotion Team, established in fiscal 2016 as a special section within the Human Resources and Administration Department, will promote respect for diversity in a number of ways, including by advancing the career development of women, promoting Life-Work Balance, hiring more persons with disabilities, and developing the careers of non-Japanese employees and senior employees.

Respecting Human Rights through Global Supply Chains

UK/Australian Modern Slavery Statement (Anritsu Corporation, Anritsu EMEA Limited and Anritsu Proprietary Ltd.)

*Australian Modern Slavery Act Statement was added from 2020.

Modern Slavery Statement (Anritsu Corporation and Anritsu EMEA Limited)

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (Anritsu Company)

Anritsu Company Policy Statement

Anritsu Company Policy Statement as required under civil Code Section 1714.43.

It is Anritsu Company’s policy to fully respect human rights, and to treat all people with fairness, dignity, integrity and respect as stated in our own Code of Conduct and Anritsu’s Basic Policy for Procurement. Anritsu Company is also in agreement with the principals set forth in the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct, and requests all of its business partners to adhere to the guiding principles set forth therein, as well as to adhering to our Basic Rules for Procurement.

In conjunction with State of California Civil Code Section 1714.43 (The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act) we disclose the following:

Verification and Assessment of Risks in our Supply Chain. At this time, Anritsu Company does not believe the risk to its supply chain is substantial. Anritsu Company has a strict initial vendor qualification process. Once qualified, Anritsu monitors and assess risks of our supplier groups on a continual basis. Anritsu Company also has its own personnel imbedded within our contract manufacturers location in China, further mitigating the risk of human rights violations.

Performance of Audits. Anritsu does not currently physically audit our supplier compliance with these standards other than our periodic ongoing qualifications reviews for our largest suppliers. (see Requiring Compliance with Regulations below)

Requiring Compliance With Regulations. Anritsu Company includes contractual requirements to comply with its policies with regard to human rights within all of its purchasing contracts and terms and conditions of sale. Anritsu Company has a zero tolerance policy with regard to violations; any supplier found in violation of these policies is subject to immediate termination. Anritsu Company periodically requires its suppliers to certify in writing their ongoing compliance with these requirements.

Accountability. In accordance with Anritsu’s stated Code of Conduct, employees and our suppliers are required to maintain the highest ethical standards. Failure to comply on the part of employees may lead to discipline, and for suppliers, can lead to loss of qualified status.

Training. Anritsu Company maintains job related training requirements for all employees as part of its overall improvement process. Training is targeted to be job specific. Persons responsible for procurement are provided training on vendor qualification, and how to recognize warning signs of non-compliance and failure to comply with social standards re: human rights.

All of these steps are enacted to help ensure that Anritsu Company conducts business with partners who share its view of corporately social actions throughout the supply chain.

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