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Message from the Top Management

Hirokazu Hamada Representative Director, President, Group CEO
Hirokazu Hamada
Representative Director, President of Anritsu, Group CEO

Working to realize the sustainability of a safe, secure, and prosperous global society and create new value

In April 2021, the Anritsu Group formulated its new Company Vision, “Beyond testing, beyond limits, for a sustainable future together.”

We are committed to taking on challenges with our stakeholders to realize a sustainable society without limits. Keep your eyes on the Anritsu Group to see the future.

Devoting the Company and Stakeholders to Building a People- and Planet-Friendly Sustainable Future

The new Company Vision, “Beyond testing, beyond limits, for a sustainable future together,” summarizes our strong commitment to create and pass down a sustainable, hopeful future to new generations with all of our stakeholders by pursuing the highest level of testing and measurement, our major competency; developing the pillars of new businesses by combining different ideas and technologies within and outside the Company; and creating high value and new fields beyond conventional testing while surpassing Anritsu’s traditional limits through the initiative and concerted action of employees.

Supporting the Foundation of Sustainability with Test and Measurement Technology

The Anritsu Group aims to increase our long-term corporate value through contributing to building a sustainable future of the global society with “Sincerity, Harmony, and Enthusiasm.”

Online services in the fields of business, healthcare, education, and public services are dramatically proliferating as a means for preventing the spread of COVID-19. This trend increases the urgency of building a safe, secure, and resilient network infrastructure that is essential for our business activities and daily life. Digital transformation (DX), which plays a key role in Society 5.0, proposed by the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations is introducing innovation that enhances everyday life through the evolution of digital technologies, which are also based on telecommunications.

Anritsu provides technologies, products, and solutions that contribute to the building of safe and secure infrastructure that leads to the foundation for industries and technological innovation. From the aforementioned, we take Group-wide actions to establish industries that contribute to the building of a sustainable society and to promote innovation.

Accelerating the Establishment of Sustainability Management

As one component of our Company Policy that we revised with our Company Vision, we include the promise of “Devoting the company and stakeholders to building a people- and planet- friendly sustainable future.” We also revised our Sustainability Policy, in which we state our efforts in each ESG area. The policy represents our firm commitment to seizing the initiative to address social issues such as climate change, respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion, and maintaining a peaceful, just society in partnership with our stakeholders while also actively engaging in the creation of a future society.

We announced our sustainability targets in the ESG domains in April 2021 based on projecting from the long-term perspective of 2030 to demonstrate concrete targets for our three-year plan as milestones for our long-term goals. We are partnering with employees to further promote sustainability management so that all of them in their diverse personalities and talents are able to recognize the SDGs, take personal ownership of global issues, and contribute to achieving the SDG targets.

Sustainability Targets

Sustainability Targets

Encouraging the Wider Use of Renewable Energy by Increasing the Share of Private Solar Power Generation under PGRE 30

One of these efforts is PGRE 30, which is officially called the Anritsu Climate Change Action PGRE 30. This unique Anritsu action plan was established in 2019 to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and defines our environmental targets in response to climate change. We plan to introduce solar power generation facilities and increase the private renewable energy generation ratio using the Anritsu Group’s energy consumption in fiscal 2018 as a base, from 0.8% for fiscal 2018 to about 30% by around 2030.

We are already operating solar power generation at the head office (Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and Tohoku Anritsu Co, Ltd. (Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture). In October 2020, Anritsu Company (U.S.A.) in California started to operate a solar power generation facility (1,100kW). As a result, our share of solar power generation rose to 3.3% in fiscal 2020. The share will rise as high as 7% or 8% in fiscal 2021, and we are targeting at least 13% by fiscal 2023.

We will install solar power generation facilities at three business sites to help achieve Goal 7, Target 7.2 of the SDGs: By 2030, increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

With no sign of the COVID-19 pandemic being contained anywhere in the world, Anritsu is working to prevent COVID-19 infections while ensuring business continuity. We have taken measures such as promotion of telecommuting, ensuring social distancing, and conducting various events online while also providing commuter bus service for employees and producing nonwoven fabric face masks made by employees of Anritsu Kousan Co., Ltd. We are distributing masks to employees as well as customers and suppliers.Our subsidiary AT Techmac Co., Ltd. manufactured panels that have been placed in our offices, employee cafeterias, and reception rooms to prevent droplets from spreading.

While retaining “Sincerity, Harmony, and Enthusiasm” as stated in the Company Philosophy, and raising awareness of and extensively implementing the new Company Vision, we intend to become a company that is required by society and contributes to creating a better future. We are committed to taking on every challenge without exception. Look to the Anritsu Group to see the future.