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Sustainability Management

Sustainability Policy
The Anritsu Group believes our business should increase our long-term value through contributions to the sustainability of global society with sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm.
  1. We will contribute to building a safe, secure and comfortable society through our business activities, based on our long-term vision.
  2. We will maintain harmony with the global socio-economy and society through ethical company activities.
  3. We will contribute to the preservation of the global environment by promoting environmental management for the coexistence of people and nature.
  4. We will build strong partnerships by promoting communication with all stakeholders.

Activities for FY2017

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System for Promoting Sustainability

Anritsu has been actively engaged in CSR activities in accordance with its Company philosophy, Company vision and Company policies. Achievement of our CSR goal is the ultimate aim of all our CSR activities, and we have accordingly established a new sustainability policy that targets the further clarification of our contribution to a sustainable society through the development of these CSR goals.

The Company at the same time has established the Sustainability Promotion Center, with a Sustainability Promotion Committee comprising leaders in the main operating and ESG domains. The department is in charge of the promotion of sustainability-related issues for the Anritsu Group.

System for Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability Management Structure

Sustainability promotion activity will follow the corporate value improvement policies as determined by the Board of Directors and at a Management Strategy Conference and fall under PDCA activity as part of the new GLP2020 Mid-Term Business Plan targets. Through its business activities, we have sought to maintain objectivity and inclusiveness in addressing the concerns of each of our stakeholders and have accordingly identified and prioritized key issues for action after consulting and cooperating with all related departments.

Sustainability Management Structure

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