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Establishment of Compliance

Establishment of Compliance


For the Anritsu Group to maintain its ethical corporate stance, everyone working in the Group must be deeply aware of corporate social responsibility, comply with relevant laws and regulations in all their corporate activities, and behave in a manner that conforms to the demands of society.

The Company established the Anritsu Group Code of Conduct as a guideline for all employees in the conduct of their day-to-day business activities, guiding their actions in alignment with public expectation. We have also established the Anritsu Group Anti-Bribery Policy to ensure fair business practices.


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Promotion of compliance at the Domestic Anritsu Group is led by the Group CEO, who takes the role as the chairman of the Management Strategy Conference. Under this conference, we have set up a Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee, chaired by the executive officer in charge of compliance and participated by employees of the Domestic Anritsu Group companies, which oversee activities related to compliance promotion.

The Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee discusses and conducts establishment of the basic policy on corporate ethics of the Group, revisions of the Code of Conduct, plans for intra-Company monitoring with a corporate ethics survey, conducts analysis, makes improvements, and plans for other promotional activities related to ethics and compliance. It also reports annually on the status of ethics and compliance across the Anritsu Group to the Board of the Directors.

The Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee and the Legal Department, which serves as secretariat to the former, work with committees dealing with legal matters to provide guidance and necessary support to Anritsu Group companies outside Japan in complying with the ethics and laws of the country or region in which they operate, giving due respect to the legal systems, cultures, and customs of those areas. The Legal Department also works with compliance officers at each overseas company in line with the goal of establishing a global compliance system.

The Internal Audit Department conducts an audit of the system to ensure that it is functioning appropriately and offers recommendations and requests for improvement as needed.

Compliance Promotion System
Compliance Promotion System