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Base Station Webinars

Enhance your knowledge of base station testing with Anritsu webinars and training.

From a one hour free webinar to e-learning to an intensive two-day masters class, Anritsu
education puts you and your techs on the fast track toward better job performance and career advancement. Whether students are working with a base station analyzer, spectrum analyzer, or cable and antenna analysis, there’s something here for everyone.


These free tutorials are archived from live events, and give a fast overview of a specific topic. They are designed for an audience of field engineers, technicians and supervisors involved in base station testing and other aspects of RF network deployment and maintenance.

BBU Emulation: Saving Time, Saving Money, Saving Headaches
Cell site deployment is complex, costly and multi-staged. For RRH (Remote Radio Head) installation, there is typically an installation phase, and a completely separate turn-up phase when the BBUs (Baseband Units) are finally activated. However, a new process is emerging called BBU Emulation whereby the BBU functionality can be simulated before the installation team leaves the site and any failures can be identified and eliminated without a separate truck roll weeks later.

This webinar will introduce the fundamentals of BBU Emulation, as well as CPRI RF testing in general. And it will explain the potential savings in cost, Opex and time required for testing, close-out and deployment.

Validating the Performance of Cellular Networks with CPRI Fiber Interfaces Between Ground Level Baseband Units and Tower Mounted Radios

With the rapid roll-out of tower mounted radios and deployment of C-RAN network architectures, new installation and maintenance methods have to be developed to reduce installation and maintenance costs. The use of costly tower climbing crews needs to be minimized, which has resulted in new ground based test methods for these radios. This webinar will look at practical procedures for using the CPRI link to troubleshoot interference issues that are the most common cause of reduced cell site performance.