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Line Sweep Tools works with traces taken from Anritsu's line of Handheld RF Instruments, and is focused on the measurements needed for Antenna and Cable service. Examples include Return Loss, Distance to Fault, PIM measurements, and even some S11 measurements.

Line Sweep Tools is compatible with the traces produced by the older Site Masters, in some cases going all the way back to A series Site Masters such as the S331A.

Line Sweep Tools (LST) Instruments Supported

Product Family Instrument Cable and Antenna Analyzer Mode Measurements Transmission Measurement Two Port Cable Loss or Two Port Gain Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Measurements Smith Chart
Site Master S113B X       X*
S114B X       X*
S251B X       X*
S331B X       X*
S332B X       X*
S113C X       X*
S114C X       X*
S251C X       X*
S331C X       X*
S332C X       X*
S810C X       X*
S820C X       X*
S311D X X     X*
S312D X X     X*
S331D X X     X*
S332D X X     X*
S325D X       X*
S810D X   X   X*
S820D X   X   X*
S820E X X X   X
S331E X X     X*
S332E X X   X X
S361E X X     X
S362E X X   X X
S331L X       X*
S331P X X     X*
PIM Master MW82119A       X  
MW82119B       X  
Spectrum Master

Supporting PIM Analyzers

MS2711E       X  
MS2712E       X  
MS2713E       X  
MS2721B       X  
MS2722C       X  
MS2723C       X  
MS2724C       X  
MS2725C       X  
MS2726C       X  
Cell Master MT8212A X       X*
MT8212B X       X*
MT8212E X X   X X
MT8213E X X   X X
BTS Master MT8222A X     X X
MT8221B X   X X X
MT8222B X   X X X
MT8220T X   X X X

Instruments Supported

Product Family Instrument Common Field Mode Measurements Insertion Loss Smith Chart Common Vector Network Analyzer Measurements
LMR Master S412D X   X*  
S412E X X X X
VNA Master MS2024A X   X X
MS2026A X   X X
MS2034A X   X X
MS2036A X   X X
MS2024B X X X X
MS2025B X X X X
MS2026B     X X
MS2028B     X X
MS2034B X X X X
MS2035B X X X X
MS2026C     X X
MS2028C     X X
MS2036C     X X
MS2038C     X X


  1. Line Sweep Tools can also make use of Hand Held Software Tool files captured by the discontinued "A" series Site Masters.
  2. X* = For these instruments, the Smith Chart is created by LST from other traces.

Common Field Mode Measurements

  • Return Loss (RL)
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ration (VSWR)
  • Distance to Fault, Return Loss (DTF-RL)
  • Distance to Fault, VSWR (DTF-VSWR)
  • Cable Loss (CL)
  • Smith Chart
  • Phase

Common Vector Network Analyzer Measurements

  • LogMag vs. Frequency – S11, S12, S22
  • LogMag vs. Frequency – S21
  • LogMag vs. Distance – S11, S22
  • SWR vs. Frequency – S11, S22
  • SWR vs. Distance – S11
  • Phase vs. Frequency – S11, S12, S21, S22
  • Phase vs. Distance – S11
  • LogMag/2 vs. Frequency – S11
  • Real Impedance vs. Frequency – S11
  • Imaginary Impedance vs. Frequency – S11
  • Smith Chart vs. Frequency – S11, S12, S21, S22
  • Group Delay – S11, S12, S21
  • Vector Voltmeter

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