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Solution for evaluating high-speed serial interfaces and AOC used by Multifunction Products (MFP), such as copiers

multifunction products evaluation

Recent multifunction products (MFP) have built-in copy, scan, and fast document-editing functions.
In addition, they are commonly used in a variety of businesses due to support for remote control via a built-in network interface.
Consequently, MFP require fast processing of high-definition images as well as various communications functions and a high-speed serial interface for communications between units using the user interface. The scanner and print modules are central to MFP image processing and each unit has a Gbit/s ultra-fast serial interface for communicating with the controller. Since this type of ultra-fast serial communications demands high-quality communications less of bit errors, optical transmission over Active Optical Cable (AOC) in addition to electrical differential signal transmission are used.
Bit Error Rate (BER) and Eye Pattern measurements are needed to assure the quality of these electrical differential signal transmission devices and AOC signals.
In addition to having both bit error rate test (BERT) and sampling-oscilloscope functions, the all-in-one BERTWave MP 2100B also supports Total Jitter component analysis required for developing and manufacturing AOC.
The AOC interface can be evaluated during simultaneous sending and receiving to simplify evaluation of AOC characteristics and transmission-path quality.

High-Speed Interface Evaluation

MFP- High speed interface evaluation
Required Equipment Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG), Error Detector (ED), Sampling Oscilloscope
Measurements BER, Eye Pattern, Mask Margin, Jitter

Evaluating Transmissions within Equipment (AOC)

MFP-AOC evaluation
Jitter Analysis
Eye Mask Margin Evaluation
BER Measurement
Required Equipment Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG), Error Detector (ED), Sampling Oscilloscope
Measurements BER, Eye Pattern, Eye Mask Margin, Jitter

The all-in-one compact MP2100B supports BER measurements of 125 Mbit/s to 12.5 Gbit/s signals, as well as Eye Pattern and Margin measurements and Jitter component analysis of 100 Mbit/s to 12.5 Gbit/s signals.

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