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High Speed PAM4 BER Measurement Solution

Signal Quality Analyzer Solution for Next-Generation PAM4 Standards

Combining the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A PAM4 BER measurement solution with the multi-channel 32 PPG/ED supporting NRZ for 100G R&D, and with the PAM4 Converter with added Jitter modulation source supports measurements with high-expandability for next-generation standards, such as 200/400 GbE.

Wideband PAM/NRZ 64Gbaud max. PAM4 Multi- Channel 32G/64Gbaud
PAM4 Signal Integrity Jitter Tolerance
32G PAM4 High-Amplitude Output 4.4 Vp-p (max.)
Low Jitter
True BER Measurement High-Sensitivity ED
PAM4 Decoder
Expandability Compact Remote Head

Scalable BER Tester for Multi-channel, High-baud Rate Measurement

The expandable supports multi-channel, high-baud rate PAM4/NRZ signals. Additionally, low-Jitter test signals and high-input-sensitivity performance assure effective design verification.

Anritsu MP1900A BERT for  Mulit-channel NRZ and PAM4 solutions, 32Gbaud, 64Gbaud

32-Gbaud PAM4 BER Solution

Both 200/400 GbE and 32-Gbaud band PAM4 BER measurements required by CEI-56G are supported by combining the 32 Gbaud Power PAM4 Converter G0375A and 32 Gbaud PAM4 Decoder with CTLE G0376A to extend the functions of the 32G Multi-channel PPG/ED MP1900A.

  • Compact Remote Head G0375A and G0376A for 32 Gbit/s 2ch PPG/ED
  • True PAM4 BER Measurements
  • Output Amplitude: 2.2 V (MP1800A); 1.95 V (MP1900A)

PAM control software is included MX183000A software.

High-amplitude PAM4 Output
Clean Eye/Low Jitter
Variable Eye Linearity
True PAM4 BER Measurement
High Input Sensitivity
CDR (with ED, 28 Gbaud)


64 Gbaud PAM4 Signal Generation

The 64 Gbaud PAM4 DAC G0374A has two built-in 64G 2:1 multiplexers for generating 64-Gbaud PAM4 signals and supports 64-Gbaud PAM4 signals simply by using a 32 Gbit/s NRZ signal source (PPG). The compact, all-in-one 64 Gbaud PAM4 DAC G0374A connects to the DUT using a Remote Head with short cable to minimize loss and provide high quality waveform PAM4 signals.

64 Gbaud PAM4 BER Measurements for MP1900A

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