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Spider Modules

Spider - Sample Test Bed

RF Channel Module (RFCM): Provides a MIMO path with controllable path loss

Capable of supporting four paths, the RFCM provides individual path or group attenuation control to test both SISO and MIMO devices and systems. There are currently two variants: the RFCM Butler (RFCM-B), and the RFCM without Butler (RFCM-C). The RFCM-B includes a Butler Matrix (similar to the one in Azimuth's STACSIM), which provides a low condition number and high rank channel for testing MIMO, beam forming, and other applications that require a controlled combination of the different RF signals.


Combiner Module: Merges the multiple MIMO paths from various modules in a star or mesh topology test configuration

Each Combiner Module can combine multiple groups of four paths each, enabling a multitude of test configurations for SISO and MIMO devices. There are currently two versions: the Mesh Combiner Module (MCM), optimized for mesh topologies, features low loss between the master port and split ports and higher isolation among the split ports; the Star Combiner Module (SCM), optimized for star topologies, features identical ports. The combiner modules can combine 4, 5, or 9 groups, each with 4 paths.


Shielded Enclosure: Provides a pristine environment for testing by shielding from external interference

Available in different variants, the shielded enclosures are capable of holding not just one but multiple devices of different form factor (smartphones, tablets, laptops) or different device types (devices, access points, small cells). All shielded enclosures feature very high isolation, along with a variety of filtered connections (AC/DC power, USB, Ethernet, serial, etc.) and provisions for active cooling. Learn about Azimuth’s Shielded Enclosure solutions in greater detail here.

RPE401L - White

Near Field Adapter (NFA): MIMO connectivity with devices in their native state

One of the biggest challenges associated with conducted testing is attaching to devices that don't have exposed connectors; this requires the device to be disassembled or drilled into, both of which could affect the performance of the device. The NFA solves this problem by enabling connectivity to devices natively—that is, without having to open up the connectors. NFAs not only address the logistical challenge of attaching to devices without a connector but provide unmatched repeatability and reliability that can’t be achieved through other means such as radiated testing.

NFA-01NFA with Phone-01

Director™ II Test Executive: Powerful test executive to control the test-bed and execute tests

Director II is a potent test executive that can control and automate the entire test-bed: devices (e.g., smartphones), access points, small cells, traffic sources (e.g., Ixia Chariot), diagnostic monitors (e.g., Qualcomm QXDM), and other test-bed components. Equipped with module libraries for effortless graphing/reporting, notifications, and basic programming control, Director II lets users create variety of test cases through a powerful, intuitive, drag-and-drop environment called Test Builder. Learn about Azimuth’s Director II in greater detail here.

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