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Azimuth Case Studies for Mobile Device OEMs

Case Studies from the Real World

Azimuth Systems is a leading provider of wireless test solutions for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 4G wireless technologies like LTE and 802.16m. Azimuth's test solutions are used by the world's foremost wireless semiconductor companies, device manufacturers, infrastructure vendors, and service providers to speed time-to-market and improve wireless IP performance. Azimuth's test solutions simplify laboratory performance and certification testing of mobile IP devices and networks designed to support data, voice, and video applications.

Device Manufacturers

Azimuth Systems enables manufacturers of wireless IP-based clients and network equipment to easily measure the performance, interoperability, and conformance of their products during the development and quality-assurance phases of the product development process. The evolution of 3G/4G mobile and wireless packet-based devices has had a dramatic effect on test processes. The need to measure real-world performance and validate motion and distance algorithms has spawned numerous manual and ad hoc test methods and equipment. Azimuth's test solutions are designed to accurately create real-world conditions, which allows for automated and precise measurement of the effect of motion, distance, interference, and background traffic on a device or network's quality of service on a packet-by-packet basis. Azimuth's standardized platforms and software are proven to reduce test time and cost while improving product quality. Device manufacturers seeking to simplify their testing process and methods rely on Azimuth for solutions.

Manufacturers of wireless devices (e.g., phones, games, MP3 players, set-top boxes, etc.) choose Azimuth test solutions for their dramatic reduction in test time and increase in product quality due to:

  • Repeatable tests that allow for hardware, software, and system anomalies to be easily detected and isolated for debug
  • Repeatable range and motion performance testing
  • Simple and efficient automated testing that allows for repeatable validation of test results for every mode of possible device configuration
  • Ability to correlate test results internally between geographically dispersed development and quality assurance organizations
  • Ability to correlate test results externally with silicon suppliers, contract manufacturing partners, and certification test labs
  • Ability to easily and accurately benchmark performance of silicon provider reference designs

Azimuth Device Manufacturer customers include the world's leading handset, game, and multimedia device manufacturers. The following examples illustrate some circumstances our device manufacturer customers have encountered in testing their products, and the successful outcomes Azimuth has enabled.

These real-world examples include brief customer profiles and the testing challenges met with Azimuth solutions, while preserving the anonymity in each case.

Example #1

Customer Profile

One of the top three cellular phone manufacturers—a leading provider of FMC-ready handsets

Customer Challenge

  • Basic functionality and performance of Wi-Fi being embedded in a cellular phone platform during the early engineering and development phase.
  • Ongoing quality assurance regression testing of software releases for the cellular phone platform.

Key Questions

  1. How will Wi-Fi data throughput be affected by range? (metric = throughput, packet loss)
  2. How long does it take the handset to roam between access points? (Metric = roam time)
  3. Will the handset pass Wi-Fi Alliance Certification testing?

Azimuth's Solution

The customer met its time-to-market with the desired quality goals by using an Azimuth W-Series Test Platform and FMC Performance Test Suite with the following applications:

  1. Azimuth's automated rate vs. range test solution delivers simple, repeatable analysis of the impact of range on data throughput. Test repeatability due to Azimuth's RadioProof™ controlled environment allowed for detection and elimination of rate adaptation anomalies.
  2. Azimuth's ACE Channel Emulator automates the capability to perform range analysis in multiple multipath environments that conform to standard or customer generated channel models. The combination of ACE and STUDIO allows for automated measurement and analysis of voice or data quality anomalies that are related to varying channel conditions caused by multipath and/or physical layer interference.
  3. Azimuth's comprehensive array of Wi-Fi Certified certification test suites provides automated validation and reporting of the handset's conformance to the Wi-Fi Certified test plan in hours.
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