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Director II Test Executive

DIRECTOR™ II is a powerful test executive that acts as the universal interface to control and automate the Spider, the ACE RNX and other elements of the test-bed.

Test Scheduler

Director II consists of the following components to manage, automate the test-bed, and run tests.

Director-II Components

Test Builder

Allows you to automate the entire test-bed with Azimuth-provided or user-defined modules. With Test Builder you can

  • Control the test-bed:
    • Azimuth products (Spider, channel emulators, etc.)
    • Devices (e.g., handsets, tablets)
    • Small cells, access points (e.g., Cisco 1260, 3700), base station emulators
    • Traffic sources (e.g., Ixia Chariot, iPerf),
    • Sniffers, diagnostic monitors (e.g., Qualcomm QXDM, Wireshark), network probes (e.g., JDSU SART)
  • Create test cases graphically
  • Measure KPIs, create reports rich with graphs
Test Builder Automation

Director II’s Value to the User:

  • Single user interface to control and automate the entire test-bed—Azimuth products (Spider, ACE) and other test-bed components
  • End-to-end automation of the test-bed: devices, access points, traffic sources, sniffers, diagnostic monitors, etc.
  • GUI-powered framework to create test cases; doesn’t require programming knowledge

Spend less time configuring your test-bed and creating tests—and more time actually running tests

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