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W-CDMA RRM Test System

Поддержка этого продукта прекращена Варианты замены: ME7874F
The ME7874A W-CDMA RRM Test System is designed for automating RRM (Radio Resource Management) testing based on the 3GPP open standard. It is composed of dedicated software and various measuring instruments that include the MD8480C. This system performs measurements based on Clause 8 of 3GPP TS 34.121.

Dedicated software running on Windows 2000 provides easy management of measurement parameters during tests and displays test result data. Various tests are achieved while communicating (in loop-back mode) with W-CDMA the mobile phones being tested. Also, a DC power supply and temperature chamber, which need to be prepared separately by the customer, enable power consumption tests and temperature tests of W-CDMA mobile phones.

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