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Lightning Family of VNAs

Поддержка этого продукта прекращена Варианты замены: MS4640B Series

The Lightning 37000E family of VNAs offer measurement speed that is suitable for the R&D environment. The 200 series 37200E is configured for passive measurements, without step attenuators or bias tees. The 300 series 37300E has the complete configuration for both active and passive components test.

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Instrument Options

Option 1ARack Mount Kit
Option 2AHigh Speed Time (Distance) Domain
Option 4AExternal Hard Disk Compatibility
Option 15Flexible Test Set
Option 99Premium Calibration

Measurement Accessories

3650 Series Calibration KitsCoaxial and Waveguide Calibration Kits
3658 Series AutoCal ®Automatic Calibrator Module
MN4765A O/E Calibration ModuleOptoelectronic Calibration to 65 GHz
3660 Series Verification KitsCoaxial Verification Kits
3670 and 3671 Series Test Port CablesSemi-Rigid and Flexible VNA Cables
3680 Series Universal Test Fixture (UTF)Fixture for Microstrip and Coplanar Waveguide
34 Series Test Port ConvertersUniversal Test Port Connector Converter
33, 34, and 35 Series AdaptersCoax-to-Coax and Coax-to-Waveguide Adapters