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Anritsu eNewsletter - Issue #13- January 2008


Anritsu eNewsletter - Issue #13 - January 2008


Anritsu eNewsletter - Issue #11 - July 2007

Issue #13, January 2008  

We are committed to providing test solutions for the data-intensive technologies that will make many of these predictions come true.

Fiber News
Network Operators' View of Quality Assurance Changing
IP News
Service Provider Router Market Growing
Microwave/RF News
Defense Electronics Spending Increasing
Wireless News
Operator and Vendor Support Give LTE Edge

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San Diego, CA

Las Vegas, NV


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Wireless Crystal Ball for 2008

Even before Baby New Year shows his smiling face we have groups making fearless predictions for the year ahead. Some of those prognosticators cover the wireless market. Going out on the proverbial limb, wireless consultants at inCode believe the following will happen in 2008:

  • HSDPA will flourish

  • The upcoming 700-MHz spectrum auction will allow for a new wholesale carrier that will not sell services directly to consumers

  • Open access and competition among chipmakers will drive device makers to bypass carriers

  • IP-based networks and open access will create an opportunity for real quality of service distinctions for carriers

  • Wireless broadband will continue to be the fastest-growing service

  • Providing wireless coverage inside buildings will a big part of carriers’ strategy, especially when it comes to service enterprise customers

  • Carriers will have to optimize and upgrade their networks’ backhaul to ensure service quality is not compromised, as they roll out bandwidth-intensive services

  •  Mobile advertising will drive content and innovation

  • A major iPhone security incident will occur in the enterprise, raising awareness of and need for mobile device security.

Analysts who make predictions are a bit like weathermen giving a week-long forecast. You don’t really believe it’s 100% accurate but will accept something reasonably close.

Two of the 10 predictions focus on quality of service (QoS), which is where Anritsu fits in. We are committed to providing test solutions for the data-intensive technologies that will make many of these predictions come true. To learn about some of our new products designed to make all this happen, read this issue of Anritsu News.
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