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Anritsu Introduces a Revolutionary New All-band Optical Component Tester

The MT9820A is the most versatile, compact, and affordable test solution for the characterization of optical components and modules across the full telecommunication wavelength range

Anritsu Instruments Company, a subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation and a global provider of operational support solutions for advanced and converged networks, announced today the availability of its new MT9820A All-Band Optical Component Tester.

The Anritsu MT9820A is an optical test device designed to perform rapid insertion loss measurements on any fibre or bulk optical component over the entire telecom band. This extremely accurate device uses the latest sweeping method to monitor the output power and wavelength of up to four external tunable laser sources during using high-speed sweeps. Leveraging its four internal detectors, the MT9820A achieves lightning-fast analyses of multi-channels optical components, such as OADM, WSS, multiplexers, and interleavers. The unit also has interface capability for additional external detection units.

The MT9820A’s patented configuration provides a unique solution that continuously sweeps over several lasers to achieve fast, full-range measurements of any CWDM, FTTX, or WDM optical component. A compact format, open architecture, flexible hardware inputs and outputs, and configurable software at one low price combine to make the MT9820A the most practical and affordable test solution for present and future applications.

“This unit adapts to any tunable laser source without compromising performance,” says Gildas Chauvel, product manager at Anritsu. “It is certainly the best mate of optical engineers and technicians who need a reliable instrument to test or validate their design in a fast and accurate way – and with a low initial investment.”

The MT9820A’s unique combination of high-speed electronic and optical interferometry enable four real-time measurements with high resolution and accuracy – perfectly suitable for optical characterization during alignment and manufacturing processes, as well as for optical sensor analysis.

“With the MT9820A, Anritsu offers a revolutionary approach in optical testing” says Chauvel. “It bridges the gap between the two previous traditional approaches – slower and less accurate set-up based on step-by-step measurement, and high-cost completely rigid sweeping systems. The MT9820A provides fast and accurate loss measurement capabilities in a simple box that easily interfaces with the customer’s tunable laser and PC.”

The MT9820A overcomes the cost and additional requirements of a complete sweeping system. These traditional systems are often complex, rigid, and difficult to maintain and modify in mid- and long-term perspectives. With its ability to adapt to any existing installed base, along with its compact frame and low cost, the MT9820A is ideal for use on laboratory test benches.

MT9820A highlights:
• High wavelength accuracy of ±1pm with a sampling resolution of 1pm
• Fast analysis – up to 100nm/s
• Up to four real-time measurements for testing multi-port components
• Continuous sweep over several lasers – from 1250nm to 1650nm – to characterize broadband components
• A high detection range of -60dBm to 0dBm for deep characterization of components
• Low price and independent of the tunable laser source, adding value to existing test setup without technical and cost efforts
• Hardware and software is adaptable to customer requirements

About MT9820A
MT9820A is the most versatile, compact and low price solution to perform optical loss measurements of any optical component. Its unique patented configuration allows to sweep continuously over up to 4 Tunable Laser Sources, for a fast and accurate characterization over the whole Telecom bands. Compatible with any TLS, it can be easily integrated in existing R&D and manufacturing testing benches, for a low investment.

The new MT9820A is available for immediate delivery.

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