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Anritsu Company Introduces Single Instrument with UE-to-UE Application Testing Capability

MD8470A is Wireless Industry!|s Only Single-instrument Solution for End-to-end Application Testing of Voice, Video, and SMS/MMS Calls

Anritsu Company introduces UE-to-UE connectivity for its MD8470A, allowing developers of user equipment (UE) and network operators to accurately and quickly test UE applications without setting up live calls on a real network. A unique on-the-bench analysis tool, the MD8470A is the industry!|s only single-instrument solution for end-to-end application testing of voice, video, and SMS/MMS (short messaging services/multimedia messaging services) calls, and creates a highly effective and easy-to-use test environment to verify applications and UE interoperability.

Integral to the testing capability is Anritsu!|s Couple-UE Network Simulator (CNS) application software. CNS provides the network simulation that creates the voice call, video call, and SMS/MMS exchange between two UEs. All the tests can be done with UEs from different operators, creating a real-world environment. This type of testing is becoming more important for UE manufacturers and network operators because of new applications and increased functionality in mobile devices. Additionally, the CNS minimizes the setup time for the system.

The UE-to-UE connectivity allows the MD8470A to conduct the same tests that previously required multiple instruments and substantial system setup. These alternative solutions are not optimized for application testing and are considerably more expensive than the MD8470A.

Anritsu!|s unique MD8470A design helps achieve this measurement capability. A built-in Wireless Network Simulator (WNS) supports all basic call processing while a unique 3GPP multi-call simulation capability enables the simultaneous testing of voice and data packet transmission. Simulations are performed on an internal PC running Windows•\ XP. The built-in PC not only simplifies setting up and conducting measurements but also saves space. An internal application server simplifies application functional testing, and an external server can also be used.

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