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Пассивная интермодуляция

Passive Intermodulation
PIM is a growing issue for cellular network operators that can exist in existing equipment or in collocated sites. The PIM Master solution is able to fully certify cable and antenna systems performance, measuring PIM, distance-to-PIM, return loss, VSWR, cable loss, and distance-to-fault with a single instrument. Typical applications include: RF components, antenna, macro site cable system, remote radio head site, and distributed antenna systems testing.
Model Number
Уровень выходного сигнала
Anritsu PIM Master MW82119B
PIM Master™
600 МГц
700 МГц
800 МГц
850 МГц
900 МГц
1800 МГц
1900/2100 МГц
2100 МГц
2600 МГц
от +20 дБмВт до +46 дБмВт, регулируется
MT2780A IQ Fiber Master
IQ Fiber Master
Universal (works on all frequency bands) Measurement derived from CPRI IQ data