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Signal Generator Phase Noise and Measuring ENOB of High-speed ADCs Webinar

20/01/2022, 11:00am

Today’s Gsps ADCs and DACs are moving ever closer to antennae in transceivers, thus enabling digital conversion and digital signal processing very early in Tx/Rx signal processing chains. Testing Gsps ADCs requires a pure analog source with low phase noise, harmonics, non-harmonics, and wideband noise so that the ADCs’ true effective number of bits (ENOB) can be measured accurately. This webinar discusses signal generator performance specifications important for evaluating ENOB of ADCs.

What you will learn:
Signal generator phase noise and spurious performance considerations when used as a clock and signal source for measuring ENOB of ADCs

Who should attend:
Gsps ADC/DAC device manufacturers (Semiconductors), Digital Oscilloscope Manufacturers, Broadband transceiver OEMs (Communications), Software Defined Radio Receivers and EW (Aerospace and Defense)

Sadashiv Phadnis

Sadashiv Phadnis is the Product Marketing Manager for signal generators, power meters and components at Anritsu Company, Morgan Hill, CA. Sadashiv has more than 30 years of experience in RF design and product marketing functions, including design of satellite receivers, synthesizers, and LNAs.