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Enhanced On-Wafer VNA Measurements From 70 kHz to 220 GHz In A Single Sweep

02/09/2020, 2:00pm ET

Modern microwave communication systems continue to push on-wafer VNA measurements into the mmWave bands. Successful system design depends on optimum device characterization, generating well-defined device models, resulting in dependable circuit simulation. It has been demonstrated that characterizing devices well beyond 125 GHz dramatically improves device model accuracy, even for applications operating 60 GHz and below. As a result, the current incentive for on-wafer VNA measurements is to provide single-sweep coverage over an extremely wide frequency range to maximize the potential for first-turn design success. This WebTalk will discuss important aspects when performing ultra-wideband 220 GHz VNA measurements and will describe basic VNA architecture, choices in broadband VNA calibrations, and how to optimize VNA on-wafer measurement performance.

What you will learn:

  • Value drivers for 220 GHz on-wafer broadband measurements
  • Overview of the system architecture of a broadband VNA system
  • System design solutions for 220 GHz measurements including the design of a 0.6mm coaxial connection and interface with a 220 GHz probe
  • On-wafer calibration techniques, choices and resulting performance

Who should attend:

R&D labs, research institutes, and university engineers needing to perform on-wafer device characterization. Design engineers and department managers developing modern communication systems in the mmWave frequency bands.


Steve Reyes, Sr. Product Manager

Steve Reyes is a Senior Product Manager focusing on on-wafer broadband VNA measurements at Anritsu Company. He has been involved in the sales and marketing of microwave test and measurement equipment for over 35 years primarily focused on VNA solutions. Steve received a BA degree from the University of California, Davis and a M.B.A. degree from Santa Clara University.

Steve Reyes