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Future-proofing 5G and Millimeter Wave Measurements with Anritsu Components

10/09/2019, 11:00 am PT

5G is the newest communication standard that is changing the world. Unlike the previous standards, 5G communication has introduced the use of higher frequency allocations, especially in the microwave range around 37-43.5 GHz. In parallel, there is increased interest in millimeter frequencies applications up to 110 GHz. Test and measurement equipment has reacted to this interest with new frequency offerings in both the 43.5 GHz range as well as 110 GHz, but components have not quite caught up. The need for components that can access these frequencies is more crucial than ever. These new components not only have to meet frequency demands, but hard specifications and traceability are also a necessity for establishing measurement compliance and credibility.

Who should attend:

R&D engineers
Engineering managers
5G and millimeter product manufacturers

Presenter: Charles Tumbaga, Product Marketing Engineer, Anritsu Company

Charles Tumbaga is currently a Product Marketing Engineer at Anritsu Company. He currently oversees the Components and Accessories product lines, and previously was the PME for the ShockLine VNA product line. Prior to joining Anritsu, Charles held various roles in manufacturing engineering. Charles earned his EE degree from San Jose State University.

Charles Tumbaga