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TechTime VNA Tour


Locations and Dates



FOM Institute AMOLF, NL


TU University Darmstadt


TU University Erlangen


WISTA Berlin-Adlershof


FH Dortmund


Leibniz University Hannover


TU Hamburg-Harburg


TU Delft, NL



The Essential VNA Book

All attendees will receive a copy of Anritsu's book "The Essentials of Vector Network Analysis"




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Presented by Anritsu Company, the Techtime Tour is a complimentary full-day educational seminar focused on the applications of Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs). Material is presented by industry experts and includes both lectures and practical measurements.

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Schedule / Agenda 

09.00 Welcome, Check-in
09.15 VNA Fundamentals I - System Architecture & Measurements
10.30 Coffee Break
10.45 VNA Fundamentals II - Calibration & Accuracy
12.00 Introduction into AWR’s Microwave Office®.
12.15 Lunch Break
13.00 Practical lab measurements (group working)
15.15 Coffee Break
15.30 Advanced VNA measurements
16.30 Wrap-up of the day and awards ceremony
16.45 Course Certificate, Closing & Good-Bye
17.00 Good-bye
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What Topics are Covered

Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Fundamentals
This session will cover the fundamentals of the VNA, one of the most versatile and flexible pieces of microwave instrumentation on the test bench.  You will learn where and why VNAs are used; understand common terminology, explore system architectures, trade-off key component technologies, and review basic measurements within the afternoons lab-sessions.  In addition, you will gain an appreciation for the importance of user calibration, the different calibration methods available, and how they, together with the instrument specifications, ultimately determine the measurement accuracies of the VNA. 

Advanced VNA Measurements
This presentation will cover advanced measurements that go beyond the traditional S-Parameters.  In short overviews we will outline Advanced Time Domain Techniques, it`s applications including windowing techniques. Based on some typical examples we will describe identification of the location of mismatches, through cable defect location to determining the impedance levels in a cascaded series of transmission lines.
To close this session we will present an overview about gain, gain compression and harmonic testing of active devices. You´ll learn some of the presented topics later on in the practical lab stations.

AWR's Microwave OfficeTM and Visual System SimulatorTM software
This presentation describes how AWR's Microwave OfficeTM and Visual System SimulatorTM software capabilities allow engineers to focus on what is important – minimise the number of design iteratuions in order to come to a quick compliant prototype. Within a live demonstration you will learn how to optimizes a design based on dataexchange between VectorStar VNA and AWR Microwave Office TestWave

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